VIDEO: Pilot survives plane crash thanks to parachute stuck in tail

The record is amazing, made in Belgium, as described in the video. It would have happened last Saturday (15), on a day of blue sky and strong sun. However, it was not enough for a small single-engine plane to suffer a failure in the heights, announcing a tragedy. The whole story ended up on social media.

Plane crash was caught by people who realized the pilot's drama –  Photo: reproductionThe plane crash was caught by people who realized the pilot’s drama – Photo: Reproduction

However, an aircraft engine saved the day. The single engine had a mechanism for an emergency, a parachute to soften an eventual fall. And that’s what happened, as the video below shows.

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All the action was filmed by people who noticed the drama of the pilot. He was locked in the cabin the entire time, just hoping he wouldn’t encounter obstacles during the vertical journey. The biggest concern was high voltage wires.

Fortunately, everything turned out well. At the end of the video, it is possible to see the pilot opening the cockpit, with the plane already on the ground, and leaving apparently unharmed from what could have been a tragedy. He was born again.

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