AMD Noise Suppression to be announced soon as a direct response to Nvidia RTX Voice

Noise reduction technology will be made from Deep Learning

AMD recently published a video by accident that basically showed the complete announcement of a new technology, AMD Noise Suppression, which will be the AMD technology responsible for reducing microphone noise from Deep Learning, basically in the same way as RTX Voice acts.

The video posted by mistake is no longer available, but was saved by users on Reddit, where we got this information from. The as-yet-unrevealed AMD Noise Suppression will work very similarly to RTX Voice, using Deep Learning to reduce microphone noise. and improve audio quality.

Image: Wccftech/Reproduction

As announced in the leaked video, the technology will use real-time deep learning to reduce noise, and will act on both the microphone input and the output of the audio you hear. AMD intends to make the technology compatible for a variety of communication and gaming applications.

The technology setup process shouldn’t be too complex, basically on and off options and the “filter” strength, similar to how RTX Voice works today.

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Image: Wccftech/Reproduction

For those who don’t remember, RTX Voice started around the same time the first generation RTX graphics cards were released, initially as an exclusive feature of these cards but now available on GTX cards. The technology also expanded to Nvidia Broadcast, with even more features for audio and video.

We shouldn’t be too far from the release of this technology and the video released by accident indicates that the technology “is available”, which indicates that AMD Noise Suppression should be released on the same day as the official publication of this video.


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Via: WCCFTech Source: Reddit

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