PC with a waterfall? We set up a liquid cooling that runs through the cabinet!

DistroCase 350P is a case that lets you see the liquid flowing!

Today is ostentation montage day. We’re going to combine some of the most impressive hardware we’ve ever received into a very special build. One of the components, who already knows Adrena, has already seen it. It’s the Z690 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce mainboard, a very impressive motherboard and blocked for liquid cooling usage. Well, this is just the beginning of this unusual machine.

The high-end motherboard for Intel Alder Lake CPUs is packed with the very best. And if very high value is synonymous with extreme quality, you will hardly have a better motherboard. The mainboard has a unique design with a cover for every corner. It comes with a liquid cooling block above the LGA1700 socket with a screen showing hardware monitoring as well as covering the board’s high-end chipset. This model is similar in design to the AORUS Z690 Xtreme equipped with 20+1+2 VRMs and two 8-pin CPU connectors.

Purchase link: https://bit.ly/3aUaM9F

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You can’t combine a motherboard like that with any processor. That’s why we go with the Intel Core i9-12900KS, simply the best possible option within the line-up based on the 12th generation Intel Core.

It is a product made for those who want the best of the best, maintaining essentially the same structures as the Intel Core i9-12900K, but with the selection of the best manufactured silicons and the most stable chips produced. This elite Core i9 can go further, delivering more performance than the traditional 12900K.

Undoubtedly one of the most crucial pieces of exceptional hardware is the case. It is the frame for the components and makes all the difference in the final look. But this time, we’re going to use a cabinet that risks stealing attention.

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ThermalTake’s DistroCase 350P has nothing less than the circulating liquid cooling system built into the case. We have already seen this concept in the ZADAL MOA II Elite, but the difference is that the entire structure is now transparent, making it possible to SEE THE LIQUID passing through it.

To cool the CPU we are going to use a large radiator, in this case, the Pacific C360 which, as the name implies, is 360mm long.

Complementing the cooling system we will include 6 fans in our radiator. This will form the push and pull assembly, or in a free translation, a pull and push system, with fans pushing air into the radiator and others pulling air out. The Core i9-12900KS is a very demanding CPU on cooling, and this is possibly the most robust cooling system we’ve ever used.

Another important element is that, of course, they have a lot of LEDs.

This Aorus font is impressive for several reasons. The first is the design, delivering 1200W of power in a more compact form factor, common in lower wattage sources. Another highlight will make all the difference in our project: the display. This font has a color screen on the side, with the ability to do things like bring information about system consumption to more trivial things like animations, drawings and texts.

Purchase link: https://tidd.ly/3zkGiqN

This one who follows Adrenaline already knows: the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics chip is Nvidia’s most powerful GPU for home consumers, and we’ve already put Gigabyte Gaming OC to work both in our full review of this model and also in this gameplay here:

16GB version purchase link: https://tidd.ly/3IQjjH6

To make a combo with the Core i9-12900KS we can’t waste performance with slow memories, so we go with extremely fast modules from Kingston Fury Renegade, models operating at a frequency of 5600MHz. The amount is also absurd: we will make a total of 128GB of memory in four modules, an amount that is more than enough for games and even for more specific uses, such as rendering and professional editing.

Purchase link: https://tidd.ly/3zen1ah

And in terms of memories, we’ll have a double from Kingston with two SSDs, the Fury Renegade PCI Express 4.0 models. These devices are capable of reading up to 7000mb/s, and will make a great combo with our mainboard with liquid cooling on top of the entire structure. Faster SSDs also bring more heat, and it takes efficient cooling to get all the performance out of a device like this.


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