The 8 Most WAITED Films of the Second Half of 2022

The first half of 2022 is behind us. In these six months, fans were able to check out highly anticipated films such as The Batman, panic 5, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Top Gun: Maverick and Jurassic World – Dominion, between others. But the year is still going strong for a new batch of highly anticipated productions that promise to shake things up. We will have, for example, sequences of films that were true revolutionary phenomena, whether technically or culturally influential. We will also have highly conceptual horror films, which promise to escape the box a lot. Oh yes. We will also have superhero movies for all tastes, from Marvel, DC and even super productions with villains and anti-heroes. We cannot forget about memorable musical biographies, such as a certain king of rock, and movies released directly to streaming, surprises from Netflix and Disney, for example.

This is a different matter, however. That’s because we simply summoned the entire CinePOP newsroom, including this friend who speaks to you, and we made a detailed calculation with the individual lists to get the general average. Thus, we come to the definitive list of the 10 most anticipated films of this second half of 2022. Check them out below and see if your favorites made it into the final selection. Ps. Some films tied, so the tiebreaker was the number of lists where a given feature appeared, and then the positions it occupied in those lists.

Continuation of the success of 2019, this second feature will have a direct release on Netflix and now comes with the title Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (something like “Glass Onion: A Mystery Between Knives and Secret”). Again written and directed by Rian Johnsonthe film will bring the return of Daniel Craig like the modern poirot, private detective Benoit Blanc. The plot will involve a new mystery, with a new range of characters that include those lived by people like Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Ethan Hawke, Janelle Monae and Dave Bautista. Between Knives and Secrets also appears in 3 lists of our team, but in one of them it was better positioned than Thor.

In 2018, the director David Gordon Green took on a courageous undertaking: bringing the mythology of the 1978 film, directed by John Carpenter, for the new times. With a modern touch, but respecting the concepts of the original, halloween (2018) eliminated all other sequels and continued the story straight from the original. It worked very well. The film was a critical and public success, and so his trilogy was able to continue. Last year, Halloween Kills was released, and this year comes the conclusion of Michael and Laurie’s plot. Halloween Ends appeared on 4 of our individual listings.

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Here at CinePOP we love horror movies. That’s not news. Thus, one of the highlights of our team for the second half of the year is the director’s mysterious thriller with supernatural doses. Olivia Wilde. Set in the 1950s, the film tells the story of young housewives moving to a small town that seems perfect. But their husbands, all working for a nebulous company, are hiding some terrible secret. Starring the talented Florence Pughin a list that still brings Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, Harry Styles and director Wilde herself. The feature appeared on 5 of our lists.

2022 still holds many superhero movies. And one of the most curious, which is now on our list, as well as the success joker (2019), decides to focus on the villain. Its about black adam, the archenemy of the hero Shazam. But the great insight behind this blockbuster is really in the protagonist who lives the fallen God: the number 1 star of the current action, Dwayne Johnson. Other than that, we will also see great classic DC heroes in the film, such as Hawkman and Doctor Fate. The feature promises to shake things up in films of the genre at Warner and there is even a rumor of the presence of Superman. What we do know is that it will link up with the coming Shazam 2to be released later this year. black adam it also appeared in 5 of our lists, but in better positions than the item above.

Elvis he didn’t die… and the proof of that is that the King of Rock is now on our list, in the fifth position. Music biographies have been a huge hit lately, turning icons of the past into hugely profitable films. The bigger the idol, the bigger your feature film becomes. In recent years, for example, we have had biographies of legendary figures such as the band Queen, in Bohemian Rhapsody (2018), and Elton John in Rocketman (2019). This time, the directors didn’t bother to put the name of a song by an artist in the film’s title, and went for the most direct: the film itself. Elvis. The question everyone is asking now is: will it make it to the Oscars? Elvis appeared on 6 of our lists, but of these, 3 were number one.

Definitely one of the most awaited films for 2022 (if it doesn’t get delayed), it comes third on our list by taking the podium with the bronze medal, the sequel to 2018’s mega hit, black Panther. The Marvel film was not only a critical and public success (beating the US$1 billion box office barrier), in addition to having competed for an Oscar in the main category. the strength of black Panther transcends all this status, as the film has become nothing less than a social event of our times – a film that has become pure representation, showing that the genre can be extremely inclusive. With all this aura, it’s impossible not to raise expectations for the second incursion into Wakanda. Even more so after the sad departure of the protagonist Chadwick Boseman. What piques curiosity the most is knowing what paths the new film will take in order to get around the absence of the main actor. Other than that, the rumors of Namor and Doctor Doom in the movie certainly raise anxiety. black Panther appeared on 9 of our 11 lists.

Speaking of cultural phenomena, avatar lived to become a revolutionary experience – especially with regard to the technical aspects. the overproduction of James Cameron created new worlds and managed to capture the public’s imagination, as has not been seen for a long time and happens only from time to time. There are films that transcend what we see on screens and become part of our daily lives, forever engraved in our consciousness. avatar, who is turning 13 years old, was undoubtedly one of these milestones. And all this with just one movie (without needing the backing of a franchise – as is the case with Marvel). avatar was the first feature to dethrone the highest-grossing film of all time, Titanic (1997), also by Cameron. And it reigned for many years as the most profitable film in the history of cinema. Now avatar is back, and it’s simply impossible for anyone who’s a movie fan (this includes filmmakers, of course) not to feel the least bit shaken by this fact. The second avatar takes the silver medal and appeared on 10 of our 11 lists.

Let the drums roll… first on the list…

First, taking the gold medal at the highest point of the podium as the most anticipated film of the second half of 2022 according to the CinePOP team is the enigmatic new production of the great Jordan Peele. Having started his career in comedy, the actor has made one of the most satisfying transitions behind the camera, becoming a leading director and producer in the challenging industry of Hollywood. It’s safe to say that Jordan Peele, in a short time, he became a respected filmmaker and synonymous with quality, one that everyone is anxiously awaiting his next move. And the director does not disappoint. Whether as a producer (of series like Beyond imagination and Lovecraft Countryand movies like The Legend of Candyman) or directing their own features, such as the emblematic Run! (2017) and We (2019). By the way, Run! has become a social phenomenon as powerful as black Panther, and also made it to the Oscars. The insight in Peele’s films is that the filmmaker seems to have discovered a genre of his own and, like Quentin Tarantino, became very influential and imitated. Peele perfectly blends suffocating and electrifying horror plots with a certain acid humor and, of course, the stinging social criticism. No! Do not look! it’s his newest and most enigmatic work that grabs the attention of the world, and undoubtedly our team, appearing on all 11 of our lists.

Check out our individual lists below:

Renato Marafon – Editor-in-Chief

01. Avatar: The Way of Water
02. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
03. Black Adam
04. No! Do not look!
05. Bullet Train
06. Halloween Ends
07. Don’t Worry, Honey
08. The Black Telephone
09. Abracadabra 2
10. Shazam! Gods Fury

Pablo Bazarello – Editor

01. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
02. Avatar: The Way of Water
03. No! Do not look!
04. Between Knives and Secrets 2
05. Killers of the Flower Moon
06. Amsterdam
07. The Menu
08. Three Thousand Years of Longing
09. Don’t Worry Honey
10. Fall

Rafa Gomes – Critic and Editor

01. Elvis
02. Avatar: The Way of Water
03. Killers of the Flower Moon
04. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
05. Thor: Love and Thunder
06. Between Knives and Secrets 2
07. Don’t Worry, Honey
08. No! Do not look!
09. Amsterdam
10. Black Adam

Thiago Nolla – Critic and Copywriter

01. Abracadabra 2
02. No! Do not look!
03. The Black Telephone
04. Avatar: The Way of Water
05. Don’t Worry, Honey
06. They/Them
07. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
08. The Menu
09. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
10. X: The Mark of Death

Allan Torres – Copywriter

01. No! Do not look!
02. The Black Telephone
03. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
04. Black Adam
05. Hidden Agent
06. Vampires of Salem
07. The Orphan 2
08. Elvis
09. Bullet Train
10. Avatar: The Way of Water

Nefferson Taveira

01. Avatar: The Way of Water
02. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
03. Halloween Ends
04. Vampires of Salem
05. The Black Telephone
06. Thor: Love and Thunder
07. Bullet Train
08. No! Do not look!
09. White Bird
10. The Menu

Pedro Sobreiro – Critic and Editor

01. Elvis
02. Avatar: The Way of Water
03. Shazam! Gods Fury
04. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
05. No! Do not look!
06. The Black Telephone
07. Strange World
08. Black Adam
09. Pinoquino (Disney)
10. Halloween Ends

Janda Montenegro – Critic and Editor

01. Pinoquino (Netflix)
02. Avatar: The Way of Water
03. Black Adam
04. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
05. Looking for a Husband
06. No! Do not look!
07. X: The Mark of Death
08. Elvis
09. Blonde
10. The Black Telephone

Wilker Medeiros – Critic and Copywriter

01. The Black Telephone
02. The Orphan 2
03. No! Do not look!
04. Don’t Worry, Honey
05. Avatar: The Way of Water
06. Amsterdam
07. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
08. Halloween Ends
09. Between Knives and Secrets 2
10. Strange World

Raphael Camacho – Critic and Editor

01. Elvis
02. The Black Telephone
03. Family Secrets
04. Clara Sola
05. No! Do not look!
06. smile
07. Avatar: The Way of Water
08. Thor: Love and Thunder
09. Let go!
10. On the Waves of Faith

Letícia Alassë – Critic and Editor

01. Marcel The Shell with Shoes On
02. Triangle of Sadness
03. After Yang
04. Decision to Leave
05. Elvis
06. Leila’s Brother
07. Vesper Chronicles
08. Fire (Both Sides of the Blade)
09. No! Do not look!
10. One Fine Morning

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