Ashley Greene: Where is Alice from the Twilight Saga

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Twilight It was one of the most successful movie franchises. Although little praised by critics, it managed to gather millions of fans around the world and leverage the careers of several actors such as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who have accumulated several other successes, including recently.

In addition, a number of other actors took part in the famous vampire saga. On the other hand, others didn’t make it that far and participated in smaller and less hyped projects out there. It is the case of Ashley Greeneactress who plays the vampire Alice CullenEdward’s sister.

Where is Ashley Greene, Alice from Twilight?Where is Ashley Greene, Alice from Twilight?Source: Cheat Sheet | reproduction

What did she do after the franchise ended? What movies or series has she been in, but few of us notice? It’s what fans of Twilight will find out in today’s article. Come with us!

Where is Ashley Greene, Alice from Twilight?

Alice had a much less developed story in the films compared to other characters, however, she was no less admired, mainly because of Ashley Greene’s brilliant performance.

Initially, she auditioned for the role of Bella Swan and didn’t pass. Luckily for us, the producers invited her to play Alice Cullen, Edward’s sister and the family’s adopted daughter.

Not even the success of one of the most beloved characters in the franchise managed to generate greater notoriety in Hollywood for Ashley Greene – compared to the history of the two protagonists of the saga, of course.

However, Ashley Greene never stopped working, especially on a pretty big list of movies. beyond the series roguewe can find the actress in the movies family lessons, Burying My Ex and Summer on Staten Island.

In 2021 she participated in the film the scandal, probably the most successful project on the list. But recently, he starred opposite Bruce Willis in Wrong Placeparticipated in the film right shot it’s from deadly changehorror available on Netflix.

Despite the variety in the actress’ career, she never hid that I would love to see the saga turn into a TV serieshas even said that he would participate again in the role because he loves being a vampire.

During an interview in early 2022, she jokingly assures that she has aged and that the production would need to invest some money for her to look young again just like Alice in Twilight.

Ashley Greene and her podcast about Twilight

Her love for history is such that she produced a podcast about the films called “The Twilight Effect”, which was released in March 2022 and continues to be active presenting a lot of information about the behind the scenes of the franchise with model and presenter Melanie Howe.

In addition, it received several members of the saga’s cast, such as Jackson Rathbone, the actor responsible for being Jasper, Alice’s love interest, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed and Peter Facinelli – who plays Edward’s father -, for example.

Who knows we won’t see the two protagonists of the saga participating soon? Everything is possible!

Ashley Greene presents special podcast about Twilight and welcomes other actors from the filmsAshley Greene hosts a special Twilight podcast and welcomes other actors from the films.Source: Twilight Effect | Disclosure

Both Ashley’s desire to see the story turn into a series and her podcast couldn’t have come at a better time. After all, the number of fans in love with Twilight remains firm since the conclusion of the films in 2012 and receives new fans of generation Z, who discover the full story in at least 4 streams during the production of this article: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and Telecine.

Midnight Sunnovel released in 2020 and written by Stephenie Meyer, is another novelty that strengthens Twilight as a cult phenomenon today. He tells the story of Twilight from Edward’s perspective and certainly gives even more possibilities to this very rich universe that we love.

And you, did you like Alice Cullen? Would you like to see the world’s most famous vampire story gain new possibilities? Follow here on My Series other news about the universe of Twilight and many other famous works.

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