John Textor meets Eduardo Paes and officializes interest in buying land for Botafogo’s CT

John Textor had an important meeting for the direction of the Botafogo off the field this Saturday morning. The American met with Eduardo Paes, mayor of Rio de Janeiro, and made official his interest in buying land in Vargem Pequena, a neighborhood in the Marvelous City.

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The objective is to make the place a training center for Botafogo. The choice of location is strategic: the entrepreneur’s intention is to combine Espaço Lonier, current CT do Glorioso and a ‘gift’ from the Moreira Salles Brothers, with this new land. Therefore, Textor’s intention is to buy something close.

The meeting was held at the home of André Chame, one of the lawyers involved in the SAF do Alvinegro process. Durcesio Mello, president of Glorioso, was also present and showed optimism.

– Very productive meeting today at Andre Chame’s house. And it can be good (news) for Fogão – wrote Durcesio on Instagram.

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Textor’s intention is to have enough space for the base teams and the professional team to train in the same place. Currently, the lower squads train, most of the time, at CEFAT, in Niterói, while the squad commanded by Luís Castro stays at Lonier.

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