Margot Robbie becomes the highest paid woman in Hollywood with a salary of more than 68 million reais in Barbie; check full list! – 07/21/2022

Look at her! Margot Robbie’s performance in the movie Barbie, which opens on July 23, 2023, earned the actress who became the highest paid woman in Hollywood a huge salary.

According to the website of the magazine Variety, Margot received the amount of 12.5 million dollars, which means 68.39 million reais. Still, according to the press, actor Ryan Gosling will receive the same amount as his longtime partner for his performance in Barbie. He will interpret Ken and Robbie will give life to the protagonist.

Another woman making history is Millie Bobby Brown, star of Stranger Things, who received a salary of ten million dollars, which is equivalent to approximately 50 million reais, for her role in Enola Holmes 2. , 18, is setting a record for the highest starting salary paid to an actor under the age of 20.

In addition to the actresses, Tom Cruise leads the list of highest paid actors with a salary of 100 million dollars, more or less 500 million reais. The actor is followed by Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Dwayne Johnson.

Check out the full list, in dollars:

1. Tom Cruise ? Top Gun: Maverick: $100M

2. Will Smith ? Emancipation: $35M

3. Leonardo DiCaprio ? Killers of the Flower Moon: $30M

4. Brad Pitt ? Formula 1 Drama (Name not confirmed): $30M

5. Dwayne Johnson ? Black Adam: $22.5M

6. Will Ferrell ? Spirited: $20M

7. Chris Hemsworth ? Ransom 2: $20M

8. Vin Diesel ? Fast & Furious 10: $20M

9. Tom Hardy ? Venom 3: $20M

10. Joaquin Phoenix ? Joker 2: $20M

11. Ryan Reynolds ? Spirited: $20M

12. Denzel Washington ? The Equalizer: $20M

13. Jason Momoa ? Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: $15M

14. Eddie Murphy ? One Heavy Cop 4: $15M

15. Chris Pine ? Star Trek Sequel: $13M

16. Steve Carell ? Minions 2: Rise of Gru: $12.5M

17. Ryan Gosling ? Barbie: $12.5M

18. Margot Robbie ? Barbie: $12.5M

19. Millie Bobby Brown ? Enola Holmes 2: $10M

20. Timothée Chalamet ? Wonka: $9M

21. Matt Damon ? Oppenheimer: $4M

22. Robert Downey Jr ? Oppenheimer: $4M

23. Emily Blunt ? Oppenheimer: $4M

24. Daniel Kaluuya ? No! Don’t Look!: $4M

25. Jamie Lee Curtis ? Halloween Ends: $3.5M

26. Anya-Taylor Joy ? Furious: $1.8M

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