Botafogo issues note and rebuts criticism of Gustavo Sauer

Hours before the match for the 19th round of the Brasileirão, the Botafogo came out in defense of Gustavo Sauer. Last Friday, the club informed that the striker had an ankle infection and will miss the team in the game. The alvinegro countered criticism from part of the crowd of the athlete and asked for the union of all.

“Athlete Gustavo Sauer is being medicated to treat an infection in his ankle, as reported in the Medical Bulletin on Friday (22). Sauer is an exemplary athlete, extremely dedicated to the Club and whose recent absences are the result of clinical complications (infections) after an arthroscopy performed on 3/6 by a specialist doctor in a large hospital. Criticisms about this episode on social media are not fair. The entire process is being carried out very carefully from the first intervention, always in line with the athlete and the club’s medical staff. Today there is an important game and Botafogo asks for everyone’s support and unity, in addition to wishing Sauer a speedy recovery.”

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In May, Sauer suffered an injury to his left ankle and, despite training, he spent almost two months without playing. In early June, he underwent surgery and returned to the pitch in early July. After recovering, he took the field against América-MG, Atlético-MG and Santos.

Botafogo enters the field this Saturday, at 9 pm, against Athletico-PR, at Nilton Santos. O THROW! will cover in real time the match valid for the Brazilian Championship.

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