Jessica Alba, Fantastic Four actress, criticizes lack of representation in Marvel – 07/24/2022

07/24/2022 | 12:10

Jeez! Jessica Alba gave an interview to Glamor UK and surprised by criticizing Marvel. The 41-year-old actress played Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four films.

During the conversation, Alba criticized the large number of white actors in major entertainment productions:

If you look at the Marvel movies? which is the biggest current booster of fantasy in entertainment, because it’s almost a family thing? is still very caucasian. I would say I was one of the few [pessoas não brancas] that time, and it was before Marvel was sold to Disney. But it’s still more of the same, she said.

And, he ended, talking about the importance of representation

I think for the young people who are coming, who will be our future leaders, it’s important to see the world on the screens, in the stories, in the dreams that we create as artists. Let it reflect the world they live in, he concluded.


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