Rueda “withdraws” last-minute reserve from the game against Fortaleza and the trip to São Paulo gains strength


Santos is about to enter the field to face Fortaleza, but the player will be spared while negotiations go ahead

Photo: Ivan Storti/ Santos - Rueda, Santos representative.
Photo: Ivan Storti/ Santos – Rueda, Santos representative.

Santos is about to face Fortaleza, in a match valid for the Brazilian Championship. On the edge of the lawn, the team will be led by debutant Lisca, who took over the team during the week, after a very quick and controversial passage through Sport, from Recife.

But the coach’s debut was put aside hours before the match. That’s because, according to information from journalist Lucas Museti, the board of Peixe released goalkeeper John from the match against Fortaleza, because the player is being traded with two other teams in Serie A and will be preserved while negotiations are underway.

Goalkeeper John will not be available to Santos for the match against Fortaleza today (24), at 7pm, at Castelão, for the 19th round of the Brazilian Championship. He has received proposals and will not act while negotiations are ongoing. Botafogo and São Paulo are two of those interested“, revealed the journalist.

John has been without many opportunities for some time at Santos and is now getting closer to leaving the team, something that is in the player’s interest. Also according to Lucas, Santos already has a purchase offer under analysis and should receive another one, but on loan, coming from another interested party in the archer.

With João Paulo, who is even the captain of the team, dominating the position, John has already expressed the desire to leave. Santos’ board sees the player as a valuable piece, but due to the athlete’s failure to take advantage, they sought a friendly negotiation which is getting closer every day.

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