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Volunteers now have a fixed work space and seek donations from the community to continue welcoming patients and health professionals

Cloth, needle and disposal. This is what drives the work of 40 volunteers from Curitiba, who turn a simple old fabric into handicrafts. The Mãos que Transformam group started its activities at a distance, even during the pandemic, with the aim of softening the routine at Cajuru and Marcelino Champagnat University hospitals. Since the beginning of June, the sewing work has been carried out in a fixed space, in the former Nossa Senhora da Luz Hospital, where the outpatient clinics of the Cajuru University Hospital are also located.

The group’s activities gain even more importance on commemorative dates, such as Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, and also on those focused on the health area. In May, for example, volunteer seamstresses produced more than 1,200 necessities for Nursing Day. So that the dates do not go unnoticed, the group counts on the collaboration of the community to donate materials such as glue, staplers, brushes, satin ribbons and fabrics. All donations can be delivered on Rockefeller Street, in the Rebouças neighborhood.

The moment is of union, solidarity and help to the next. “Projects like ‘Mãos que Transformam’ come with this purpose of changing the day of patients and healthcare professionals through handicrafts. Recognizing that the work carried out bears fruit and brings joy is an inspiring and motivating force for us to make the next points. But for this action not to stop, we need the help of the community with the donation of materials for sewing”, explains the coordinator of pastoral care and volunteer work at the hospitals, Nilza Brenny.


Action: Hands that transform

Material for donation: fabric glue, white glue, hot glue, hot glue gun, upholstery stapler, staples, brushes (numbers 8 and 12), labels, satin ribbons, feather, silicone fiber, tricoline fabric and upholstery display .

Address: Rua Rockefeller, 1450 – Rebouças, Curitiba – PR, 80230-130

Other information: (41) 3271-2719

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