Audrina explains how the producers staged her first scene in the hills

Audrina Patridge left fans of the hills know how the producers came up with the idea for their first scene in the series. For years fans have wondered if the MTV reality show that followed Laguna Beach: the real Orange County, was as real as they thought it was. While the cast members have shared many stories about their time on the show, the question is still up in the air, which is why Audrina, Brody Jenner, and Frankie Delgado started a podcast. The former stars plan to rewatch the entire series and then discuss each episode, letting fans know behind-the-scenes secrets they haven’t seen. the hills.

The podcast announcement came shortly after Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti announced they would be doing a lagoon beach review the podcast. The show, which preceded the hills, debuted in 2004 and followed Lauren Conrad, Kristin and their group of friends as they navigate high school in the small seaside town. Both podcasts were announced more than a year after actresses Rachel Bilson and Mindy Clarke began their rewatch podcast for CO. Just as the drama inspired the reality show version on MTV, the rewatch podcast appears to have inspired several MTV stars to launch their own podcasts.

With just two episodes out, Audrina is already letting fans know just how fake the show was by explaining that her first scene on the hills was manipulated by the producers. Audrina told the story to her former castmates on her podcast. Was it real? According to the reality TV star, she was living in the same building as Lauren and her ex-best friend, Heidi Montag, but everyone was told they couldn’t visit the pool or cafe area for two weeks. That way, they wouldn’t meet before the show was ready to film their first date. When they were ready for the three of them to meet, they set up a meeting when Audrina was on her lunch break from work.

They set it up, and I had to run home, put on a bikini, and run to the pool, and then I lay there, and Heidi walked in, and we met,” Audrina explained. She added that Lauren later stepped in to meet her as well. Spencer Pratt, who was unfortunately not invited to co-host the podcast, exposed many the hills‘ counterfeiting over the years. He is recently hosting his own show called the spills on TikTok, where he revealed that much of the show’s dialogue was actually voice recordings that were added after filming. Spencer also exposed the show for making him go on a fake date with Audrina while he was allegedly dating Heidi.

With just a few episodes of the podcast, the hills fans already have some inside information they hadn’t heard before. It’s not surprising that Audrina’s first scene was staged, as most reality shows manipulated a few scenes to keep the show interesting. However, the cast is still early on in the show, so it will be fun to hear what other aspects of the reality show weren’t as real as they appeared to be. Fortunately, Audrina, Brody and Frankie can remember all the never-before-heard secrets of the show, because fans are impatiently waiting for more stories from their filming time. the hills.

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