Research points out Botafogo with a drop in the crowd in the female audience

Search O Globo/IPEC released this week shows that the Botafogo has a significant loss in the crowd when only the female audience is taken into account. Among women, Glorioso appears only in 14th place, with 0.8%, behind Bahia, saints, sport and Brazilian Teambut ahead of the Fluminense.

The clipping, published by the newspaper “O Globo” this Sunday (24), shows that the Botafogo is one of the clubs that lose more among women: a reduction of 38.4%, which is not greater than that of Santos (-40%). Fortaleza (-38.4%), Fluminense (-36.3%), São Paulo (-31.7%) and Atlético-MG (-28.5%) also showed very sharp declines.

All 15 of the biggest fans have smaller shares in the female cut compared to the overall result. The clubs that have the best performance among women are Grêmio (reduction of only 3.8%), Bahia (-5.8%), Flamengo (-8.2%) and sport (-8.3%).

general ranking

The O Globo/IPEC survey pointed out the Botafogo as the 12th biggest crowd in Brazil, with 1.3%, behind Bahia (1.7%), tied with Fortaleza (1.3%) and ahead of Sport (1.2%) and Fluminense (1.1%). Due to the “individual error margin”, as the research explains, Glorioso can have between 0.8% and 1.7% of the universe of fans.

GLOBO/Ipec Research — Photo: Editoria de Arte

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