10 YouTube channels for those who enjoy Technology

YouTube channels are great places to acquire knowledge about a wide range of subjects. Many of them bring contents of technology produced by renowned professionals who translate, in a very clear way, cutting-edge information. It’s a fun way to get informed, but also to access analysis on the impacts of technology on human life.

Tech Youtube channel: check out 10 options

Below are 10 YouTube channel suggestions to follow and access whenever you have a question or simply want to be informed about the news. Here at TecMundo you can also check out the 10 YouTube channels to watch cartoons in Portuguese. A good balance, right?

See the best of technology below:

1. TecMundo

With almost 4 million subscribers, the channel of TecMundo on Youtube it is a very complete place to find information about the world of technology. Divided into several sections, the channel brings both the traditional tutorials, reviews launches, carrying out scientific experiments and various analyses.

We also highlight the part of the channel called History of Technology, presented by journalist Nilton Kleina, which delves into the historical approach to the subject and allows you to understand how man-made inventions brought us here. How about finishing reading the content and running there?

two. World manual

With 13 million subscribers, the World manual is a well-known and respected YouTube channel in the production of content on technology and science. Led by the couple Iberê Thenório and Mariana Fulfaro, it brings very didactic videos, also understandable by children – being great for the kids age group within the platform -, in which they explain natural phenomena and do scientific experiments.

It also brings interesting series that deal with the space race and the functioning of computers. It’s really worth checking out!

3. rockseat

O Rocketseat it’s a youtube channel dedicated to education about technology, focusing mainly on programming content, sharing from the simplest to the most advanced information. Administrators therefore seek to popularize this knowledge in an accessible way for everyone who wants to learn.

4. Nerd stuff

O Nerd stuff, which already has 11 million subscribers, is led by the couple Leon Martins and Nilce Moretto, who are very dear to their followers. They are dedicated to producing content about technology, games and science. The channel brings reviews of new releases, tips and challenges, and usually entertains and informs adults and children alike.

5. Babel fish

The channel Babel fish It is run by two women: Mila Laranjeira, who has a master’s degree in Computer Science, and Vivi Mota, who has a PhD in Computer Science.

Together, they are dedicated to the scientific dissemination of content related to technology, focusing on popularizing knowledge for all. The channel name references the book series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, and points to a species of fish that can instantly translate any language.

6. floating

O technology channel on YouTube floating has a very clear objective: to share knowledge about programming language mobile for those who want to learn about the subjector at least get started in this area.

The contents are very diverse: they bring tips for beginners, teach how to make animations, how to design a softwareamong other topics.

7. TV Source Code

Created in 2016 and presented by the couple of programmers, Gabriel Fróes and Vanessa Weber, the TV Source Code is intended for who works or wants to learn programming. With weekly videos, the channel mixes informative content in a very fun and didactic way.

The couple still share their experiences in the area, as well as discuss current topics in the world of technology in a series of vlogs.

8. be! Tech

Other YouTube channel that invests in good humor and relaxation to talk about technology is the be! Tech, made by Felipe Becker. He delivers daily videos to report on industry news, reviews of releases in the area and journalistic content. The channel already brings together a very large community: it has more than 1.5 million subscribers.

9. Live Overflow

If you speak English – or just want to turn on YouTube subtitles you can check the german channel Live Overflow, one of the largest technology video spaces in the world and respected by experts from several countries.

The channel is managed by several programmers who live in Berlin and who talk about programming, network operation and even games as Minecraft. Besides, you can also learn a little bit of the language.

10. computerphile

One more tip of a good foreign channel to expand your horizons. O computerphile is a very large British channel – it has more than 2 million subscribers – that promotes content on computer science, technology, programming and culture hacker Generally.

All material is prepared by the administrators of very clear and didactic wayfacilitating the acquisition of knowledge by all types of people.

So, did you already know any of the channels mentioned here? We hope you enjoyed the content. Keep following us to receive relevant information about the world of technology, entertainment and games!

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