Discover the 5-star hotel that is the ‘home’ of Gisele Bündchen in Paris

It was there that Gisele Bündchen stayed in 2011, when she walked the runway for Givenchy at Fashion Week. Four years later, in the same place, she rested after undergoing plastic surgery. There, she also enjoyed a few days in early July of this year, accompanied by her parents and youngest daughter.

The Le Bristol hotel, a 5-star frequented by the global elite, is where she feels at home in the French capital. There are 30 types of suites: one fancier than the other.

The largest, ‘Imperial’, has 320 m², a king size bed, two rooms, 3 bathrooms, private sauna, kitchen and dining room. Daily from 13,400 euros, R$ 74 thousand.

Don’t want (or can’t) spend that much? Ok, stay in the ‘Superior Room’, much more ‘simple’, with 35 m², for R$ 6,500 per day, the same price as a São Paulo-Paris-São Paulo airline ticket in economy class.

Ullah!  Gisele and the interior of Le Bristol: luxury and comfort for many euros

Ullah! Gisele and the interior of Le Bristol: luxury and comfort for many euros

Photo: Playback/TV

VIPs have a concierge (the good old butler, like the one in soap operas) to provide whatever is needed to ensure maximum comfort and endless leisure options.

Guests at Le Bristol have two restaurants, two bars, a café and a tea room at their disposal. The spa with modern aesthetic treatments has a cinematic pool with panoramic views of Paris. In addition, the hotel has one of the most beautiful gardens in the city.

So much luxury has been experienced by movie icons like Charles Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, George Clooney, Bruce Willis, Jared Letho, Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson.

The stunning environments have served as the backdrop for several films. Woody Allen filmed scenes from one of his best comedies there, ‘Midnight in Paris’.

Don’t have the money to stay at Le Bristol? Okay, so just go for a coffee or a drink. Take the opportunity to circulate through the collective areas. Feel like the millionaires and famous. As the French philosopher Henri-Louis Bergson said, “contemplation is a luxury”.

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