Massive brawl at Disney park ends with arrest, injury and banishment

A general brawl involving two families at the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s main amusement park, in the United States, ended with one person hospitalized and two arrested.

According to information, the fight started in line at a Mickey Mouse attraction, after a woman, who was in line, went out to get her cell phone, which she was charging.

When trying to return to the position she was in line, she was stopped by family members (who are wearing white shirts and red shorts) with shoves.

So, the family of the assaulted young woman waited for the other family at the exit of the attraction to confront them about the situation, and the discussion ended up rising in temperature until those involved came to blows.

In the images, it is possible to see the scenes of aggression and security personnel arriving to break up the fight.

The family of the young woman attacked also accuses the other group of having stolen and broken items, such as cell phones and pieces of clothing, during the fight.

According to the website “Walt Disney World News Today”, which covers Disney parks, all family members who initially assaulted the young woman in line were banned from the park, in addition, two of these people were detained.

In addition, one person who was involved in the fight was taken to the hospital after suffering a deep cut to the chin, but has since been released.

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