Russian impresses social network by sharing photos of her giant cat

The internet user Yulia Minina, a resident of the city of Stary Oskol, Russia, two years ago adopted Kefir, a beautiful white-furred cat, which attracts the attention of the internet for its beauty and size. Yes, the pussy is huge!

And now, attention has come to the choice of the “passport photo” (fake, of course!) of the cat that the tutor asked her followers for opinion on Instagram.

The feline is of the Maine Coo breed and due to its white and silky coat its name is a tribute to the dairy drink.According to Ipnoze, Kefir weighs 12.5 pounds (5.66 kg) and, as the owner said: I couldn’t even imagine that an ordinary baby cat could grow so big.” It really is huge!

“And he hasn’t just grown up in appearance. He’s also very intelligent and always behaves calmly. He’s a very affectionate and modest cat. When friends and acquaintances come to my house, all eyes are on him and he’s happy to be caressed”.

Despite being very affectionate, his size frightens those who meet him for the first time, and it’s no wonder, because his size reminds me of a dog.

And like any kitten, he loves to sleep on top of his owner. When he was a puppy this habit wasn’t inconvenient, but now that he’s grown up, “it’s hard to sleep like this,” the woman added.

The handsome one has become popular on the internet. On the Instagram profile that she shares with the tutor, she has already reached more than 55 thousand followers. And in one of her posts on May 18, the tutor asked for help for internet users to choose her passport photo. In the photos, he appears in a seriousness, in addition to wearing a blue plaid shirt.

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So which one would you choose? Leave it in the comments. But in addition to asking for opinions, Yulia Minina shares cute videos and photos of the handsome guy. Look:

He’s huge, isn’t he? And if you want to follow him on social media, click here.

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