Airline announces cancellation of 1,000 flights, affecting another 130,000 passengers

The airline Lufthansa said today that it will need to cancel almost all its flights this Wednesday in Frankfurt and Munich, Germany, because of an employee strike. Among the cancellations are flights to Brazil.

According to the company, the estimate is that 134 thousand passengers will be affected with the suspension of about a thousand flights. The strike by Germany’s main airline is expected to impact services at least until the end of the week and occurs precisely during the country’s high travel season.

Affected passengers will have flights rescheduled into alternative options, according to the company, subject to availability. However, Lufthansa warns that the possibilities are limited.

The airline’s Frankfurt flight to Guarulhos International Airport (SP), for example, was canceled this Tuesday. However, Lufthansa has not yet confirmed whether the suspension is already a result of the measure adopted in Germany.

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In Frankfurt, 678 flights will have to be cancelled. Of this total, 32 have already been canceled today. In all, 92,000 passengers at the destination will be impacted.

In Munich, 345 flights will need to be cancelled. Of the predicted number, 15 of them were suspended this Tuesday. 42,000 customers are expected to be affected.

Lufthansa said it is working to get operations back to normal as soon as possible. However, he added that the effects of the strike could cause flight cancellations or delays also on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

company strike

The strike announced by the category union calls for a salary increase of almost 10% to restore inflation, which has accumulated more than 8% in the last 12 months in Germany, in addition to offsetting the effects of overloading airports.

Lufthansa informed that, in return, it presented a package with proposals for negotiation with the union. The measures presented by the company would be valid from July 1, 2022, with a period of 18 months. However, the parties are still negotiating to try to reach a final agreement.

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