Brazil 2×0 Paraguay in the Copa América Feminina semi: how was the game

The Brazilian team gave a new show on the field and, with leftovers, beat Paraguay 2-0 in a game valid for the semifinal of the Women’s Copa America and played tonight.

In addition to advancing to the final, the team led by Pia Sundhage, who is undefeated and has yet to concede a goal in the continental tournament, secured a spot in both the 2023 World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The goals of the match, held in Colombia, were scored by midfielder Ary Borges and striker Bia Zaneratto, both in the 1st half.

In the big decision of the Copa América, scheduled for 21:00 (Brasília) this Saturday (30), Brazil will face precisely the hosts: the Colombian team beat Argentina in the other semifinal by 1-0 and arrives at the duel also undefeated. .

Paraguay, on the other hand, will dispute the 3rd place of the tournament on Friday (29). If they win against Argentina, the team is also guaranteed the next edition of the World Cup.

Paraguayan home

Despite the dominance of hopscotch, the first great chances of the game came in bids by the team coached by Italian-Brazilian Marcello Frigerio.

The initial scare resulted in a free kick: while all the players were waiting for a cross into the area, Fany Gauto surprised and hit it straight, forcing goalkeeper Lorena to palm and send it to a corner.

In taking the corner kick, Sandoval climbed higher than the Brazilians and headed towards the goal — the ball just didn’t go in because Adriana pushed the danger away already on the line.

Ary Borges and Angelina try to steal the ball from Dulce Quintana during Brazil v Paraguay - Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP - Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP

Ary Borges and Angelina try to steal the ball from Dulce Quintana during Brazil vs Paraguay

Image: Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP

Answer with goal

Ary Borges opened the scoring for the Brazilian team in the match against Paraguay - Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP - Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP

Ary Borges opened the scoring for the Brazilian team in the match against Paraguay

Image: Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP

After some less dangerous offensive moves, Brazil managed to attack the opposing team once and for all in the tenth minute.

In a move built by the middle, Antonia received and, at the entrance of the area, hit Bobadilla’s goal, which he managed to hit. In the spare, Bia Zaneratto tried to move the archer in a medium-distance kick, but missed the target.

Five minutes later, Pia Sundhage’s team opened the scoring. After a rebound inside the area, Tamires triggered Bia Zaneratto who, with her back turned, rolled towards Ary Borges. The Palmeiras player, with category, hit the corner of the Paraguayan goal: 1 to 0.

Zaneratto’s goal!

In her 100th match with the Brazilian national team shirt, Bia Zaneratto hit the net – with great style – in the 27th minute.

In error when leaving the Paraguayan defense field, both Debinha and Antonia tried to steal the ball and were knocked down by defender María Martínez.

The referee didn’t get a free kick and the ball left for Brazil’s number 16, who cut inside the area and released his left foot to the bottom of Bobadilla’s goal: 2 to 0.

In her 100th game with the Brazilian women's team shirt, Bia Zaneratto scored the net - Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP - Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP

In her 100th game with the Brazilian women’s team shirt, Bia Zaneratto rocked the net

Image: Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP

Show (and missed goals) of Brazil

Antonia, of the Brazilian women's team, is fouled during a game against Paraguay - Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP - Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP

Antonia, of the Brazilian women’s team, is fouled during a game against Paraguay

Image: Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP

The first stage ended in the midst of tough entries from the Paraguayans and, in the final half, Brazil returned to respond with the ball.

At six minutes, Bia Zaneratto had the chance to expand in a bid similar to the goal she scored in the 1st half, but stopped at Bobadilla. Shortly after, Kerolin, in two shots on goal and a header, also caused danger. Duda, with the rival goalkeeper down, was another who missed the target.

There was still room for show: both Tamires and Antonia applied beautiful pens to the Paraguayans and, by a little, were unable to advance in their respective plays.

With the score under control, Brazil reduced the pace in the final minutes and, despite the scares caused in goalkeeper Bobadilla, could not extend until the final whistle: Adriana still hit the post in the last move, but the match ended in 2-0.


Brazil 2×0 Paraguay
Reason: Copa America Women’s semifinal
Date: 07/26/2022
Place: Alfonso Lopez Stadium, Colombia
Hour: 21:00 (from Brasilia)
goals: Ary Borges (15 min of the 1st half) and Bia Zaneratto (27 min of the 1st half)

Brazil: Lorraine; Antonia (Fê Palermo), Tainara, Rafaelle (Kathellen) and Tamires; Angelina, Ary Borges (Duda Sampaio), Adriana and Kerolin (Gabi Portilho); Debinha (Geyse) and Bia Zaneratto. Technique: Sink Sundhage

Paraguay: Bobadilla; Ramona Martínez (Rosa Miño), María Martínez, Veronica (Lorena Alonso) and Daysy Bareiro (Graciela); Godoy, Dulce Quintana, Jessica Martínez and Fabiola Sandoval; Fany Gauto and Rebeca (Fatima Acosta). Coach: Marcello Frigerio

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