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Work in professions It’s practically an obligatory part of adult life. This is so true that many children already have an answer on the tip of their tongue when someone asks what they want to be when they grow up: doctor, teacher, dentist, firefighter, hairdresser, astronaut.

In childhood, some professions are regarded with great admiration, but as childhood innocence fades and bills pile up on the table, we see that working may not be all that fun.

A survey carried out by University of Chicago, in the USA, sought to understand which are the coolest professions of all. The results, unlike what we can imagine, do not involve those positions that are better paid.

In fact, what guarantees satisfaction with the work done seems to be the possibility of helping people. After this aspect, issues such as autonomy and freedom of expression were also pointed out by the participants as responsible for the satisfaction felt when performing a job.

See below what are the five professions that bring together people satisfied with what they do:

  1. Clerics;
  2. Firefighters;
  3. Physiotherapists;
  4. writers;
  5. Special education teachers.

Among the other professionals satisfied with their work are teachers, artists and psychologists. Interesting, isn’t it?

less satisfactory

CareerBliss made an opposite list and, after extensive research, found that the professions that less provide satisfaction are those with the highest pay. Check out:

  • Director of Information Technology;
  • Director of sales and marketing;
  • Product manager;
  • Senior web developer;
  • Technical specialist.

So, is your area of ​​expertise in one of these two rankings? Remember, whenever possible, try to prioritize your personal fulfillment and your quality of life.

If, for now, the priority is to pay boletos only, that’s okay too, after all, adult life is full of responsibilities and you can’t escape. Either way, keep your dreams alive and, when you can, try to achieve your professional goals.

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