China’s Armed Forces Have Became “More Aggressive” in Indo-Pacific Region, Says US Military Leader – Observer

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China’s military has become “notoriously more aggressive” in the Indo-Pacific region, the general said. Mark Milley, the top US military figure, during a visit to Indonesia. In the last five years in that region, points out this official, the number of crossings of allied forces with Chinese military aircraft and ships has increased significantly.

“My message is that China’s military, in the air and at sea, has become noticeably, significantly more aggressive in this region in particular,” General Milley said on his way to a meeting with Indonesian military officials – at the same time as the Chinese President Joko Widodo prepares to fly to Beijing for a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In addition to public statements, according to the Associated Press, Milley also spoke to journalists who traveled with him and shared some thoughts on fears that China could invade Taiwan.

“This is an area where China is trying to reach other territories and that is important because are not doing this just for benign reasons“, said General Mark Milley. “They are trying to expand their influence in this region and that has potential consequences that are not particularly favorable for our allies and partners in the region,” he concluded.


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