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In 2021, Atlético-MG won everything they played nationally. He won the Copa do Brasil, the dreamed Brazilian and even took the State. Cuca, the coach, left in December, as did some of that cast. Since then, there have been nine changes in the group. Cuca returned seven months later, taking over from Turco Mohamed, who was fired. But what has changed? Because Cuca evaluated the 2022 Rooster as the strongest?

The first thing is to remember who left Atlético in this turn of “Cuca eras” (in parentheses, number of games played, goals and assists):

Who left: Micael (1j), Tchê Tchê (57j, 1g, 2y), Alan Franco (15j), Hyoran (33j, 3g, 4y), Nathan (39j, 3g, 3y), Dylan (26j, 2g, 3y), Diego Costa (19j, 5g, 2a), Savarino (40j, 7g, 9a) and Savio (13j).

Cuca meets with the cast on his return to Atlético-MG — Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG

Of these nine names, some had important participation in the alvinegras conquests. But even a starter, only Savarino, at a certain time of the year.

Cuca himself agrees that it was necessary to “oxygenate” the cast. There is no lack of praise for the 2021 group. However, it was necessary to renew the batteries.

– This group at the end of the year (last year) had nothing to take away, because they gave me everything. I will be forever grateful to them for everything they gave us. Now we can go back and get that all over again. It’s working on top of that – emphasizes the technician.

Savarino left Atlético — Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

So, it’s time to highlight who has arrived and is available (since the Uruguayan defender Godín came, but has already left).

Who arrived: Jemerson (did not debut), Otávio (33j), Guilherme Castilho (11j), Rubens (26j, 1g), Ademir (42j, 6g, 3y), Fábio Gomes (16j, 3g, 1y), Pedrinho (2j), Pavón ( 2j), Alan Kardec (2j, 1g).

Jemerson hasn’t even debuted yet. Pedrinho, Pavón, Alan Kardec have only two games played. The quartet, who arrived to reinforce the team from the middle of this month, represents the fan’s expectation of seeing a quality leap in the team, unstable so far in 2022.

– We have important players there, some who arrived and will still play very well – highlighted Cuca.

Cristian Pavón is one of Atlético’s reinforcements for the second half — Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG

Already protagonists of 2021 try to recover the best football. And Cuca already proved last year that he knows how to exploit the qualities of a cast that includes Alonso, Arana, Allan, Zaracho, Nacho, Hulk and Keno.

– And there are others who don’t live the great moment they lived in the past. We know they can come back. And our work is on top of that, to seek the best of each one.

Atlético still fights for the titles of the Brazilian Championship and Libertadores. In the national competition, it occupies the fourth place, seven points behind the leader Palmeiras, at the end of the first round. In the continental tournament, Galo faces precisely the Paulistas in the quarterfinals. Cuca’s debut is this Sunday, at 4 pm, against Internacional, in Beira-Rio, for the Brasileirão.

(in bold who left and who arrived)

  • Goalkeepers 2021: Everson, Rafael and Matheus Mendes
  • Goalkeepers 2022: Everson, Rafael and Matheus Mendes
  • Right wings 2021: Mariano and Guga
  • Right wings 2022: Mariano and Guga
  • Defenders 2021: Alonso, Nathan Silva, Igor Rabello, Réver and Michael
  • Defenders 2022: Alonso, Nathan Silva, Igor Rabello, Réver and Jemerson
  • Left-back 2021: Guilherme Arana and Dodô
  • Left-back 2022: Guilherme Arana and Dodô
  • Flywheels 2021: Allan, Jair, Tche Tche and grandson
  • Flywheels 2021: Allan, Jair, octavio and grandson
  • Socks 2021: Nacho Fernández, Zaracho, Nathan, Hyoran, Alan Franco, Dylan and Caleb
  • Socks 2022: Nacho Fernández, Zaracho, Rubens, Guilherme Castilho and Caleb
  • Forwards 2021: Hulk, Keno, Vargas, Sasha, Diego Costa, Savarino and Savio
  • Forwards 2022: Hulk, Keno, Vargas, Sasha, Ademir, Fábio Gomes, Pedrinho, Pavón and Alan Kardec

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