Doctor loses license after lying cancer diagnosis in children

A man lost his sick leave after lying to parents that their children had cancer in Glasgow, Scotland. Pediatrician Mina Chowdhury, 45, falsely diagnosed the children and asked parents to pay for more tests at his private clinic, according to The Daily Record.

Early last year, Chowdhury was suspended after the MPTS (Doctors’ Court Service) found him guilty of misconduct. His behavior was considered “dishonest” and with “financial” motivations. Chowdhury advised three groups of parents to have private screenings done at his company, Meras Healthcare.

The hearing determined that the pediatrician failed to provide good clinical care to three patients, including the diagnosis of “cancer conditions without proper investigation.” The court also found that the practitioner tried to persuade parents to pay for “unnecessary examinations in connection with unwarranted cancer diagnoses.”

In a consultation, Chowdhury told the parents of a 1-year-old and 3-month-old that she had a lump in her leg and required an ultrasound, MRI and biopsy from a doctor “known” to him in London. The parents accused him of preventing them from going to the NHS (National Health Service) on the grounds that it would be “confusing” to go back there.

With another patient, he told the mother of a 2½-year-old boy that a test result was a result of “blood cancer or lymphoma”, suggesting treatment in London, as “there were no places in Scotland where echocardiograms could be performed on children”, according to him. As in the other case, he suggested treatment in the private network without offering adequate referral to the NHS.

With the last patient, he told the mother of a teenager that her daughter had a neuroblastoma in her stomach and that it would spread if not treated.

The decision to withdraw his license was “unavoidable”, according to the court, which ruled that this was a case where there had been “persistent dishonesty in several areas that Chowdhury neither fully acknowledged nor admitted to”.

Thus, the court said, the loss of his medical record alone is “sufficient to protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and welfare of the public.”

The doctor has 28 days to appeal the decision.

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