Does it make sense to turn off or restart the modem when the internet is bad?

Unplugging or restarting a device that is slow or crashing is almost a “universal rule” of technology. But does this also work when the internet connection is bad? Canaltech explains what is behind this “technique” and what other benefits it can bring.

Does restarting modem when internet is slow work?

The answer to this question is: yes, restarting or turning off your modem or router can help improve Internet performance. At first, this may be related to the power cycle of the device that provides the Wi-Fi signal.

In some cases, devices may be overloaded with software and hardware. Such as, overheating of the internal components can interfere with the performance of the device and thus cause slowdowns.

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When turning off the device, the power of the transistors is discharged and the RAM memory is updated. That is, all processes that were causing the “congestion” are terminated and the system will return to the “initial state”.

It is worth explaining that this “technique” does not increase Internet speed in general, this is related to the plan contracted by the user. Restarting the modem or router will only make the device work again without overloads and the connection will improve in time.

Sometimes the slowness can be related to bandwidth, interference with the Wi-Fi signal, or even the device trying to connect to the network. These cases require other solutions that go beyond just restarting the modem or router.

What is the correct way to reset the modem and improve the internet?

Resetting the modem can be simple, but it requires attention. Some actions are needed to avoid a headache greater than the slowness of the Internet.

First of all, the user should avoid using the reset buttons on the devices: the small holes on the back of the device that can be accessed with a clip. When using this feature, there is a risk of resetting the accessory to factory defaults and erasing previous settings made by the user or operator technician.

The recommendation is to always use the power button to turn off or reset the modem. If the device does not have this option, the only way out is to unplug it directly from the outlet.

For best results, just follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug the modem from the outlet;
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds before plugging in the device again. This small interval is the time needed to discharge the energy from the device’s transistors and the RAM memory to be updated;
  3. Plug the modem into the wall outlet and wait at least one minute before turning on the device;
  4. Wait for the modem to be fully powered up. For example, all lights that indicate device connection must be on;
  5. Then, perform the test to see if the slowness issue is gone. Just connect your computer or other device to the network and check the speed for loading web pages.

If the computer and the modem accept Ethernet cables, the suggestion is to perform a wired test. A wired connection often offers clearer, interference-free speed data.

Does turning off or restarting the modem really work?

As said, turning off or restarting your modem can really help improve your internet connection speed. However, this is a one-off improvement if the accessory’s software or hardware is overloaded.

On the other hand, the “traditional technique” does not improve or expand the bandwidth contracted by the operator. As well, it is necessary to evaluate if there are no interference problems with the Wi-Fi signal or with the device itself connected to the network.

Did you know that the “old trick” of turning the modem on and off actually makes sense? Don’t forget to share this content with other people who need this help.

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