Glove de Pedreiro and ex-businessman fail to reach agreement in conciliation hearing

The legal battle between Iran Ferreiraknown as Luva de Pedreiro, and his former manager Allan Jesus had another chapter this Tuesday. Judge Flávia Viveiro de Castro, from the 2nd Civil Court of Barra, in Rio, led a conciliation hearing, but there was no agreement. The information was confirmed to Estadão by the influencer’s lawyer, Plínio Lemos Jorge.

The former businessman asks for R$ 20 million in court to terminate the agreement with Iran, which is now managed by former futsal player Falcão. The amount is higher than the termination fine established in the contract signed on February 25: R$ 5.2 million.

The intention of the representative of Luva de Pedreiro was that the former entrepreneur Allan Jesus would keep 45% of all contracts closed before the breakup between the parties. The exclusivity contract was valid until 2025. But the proposal was not accepted on Tuesday. With the denial of the agreement, the process, from now on, moves to the intrusion phase.

“After today’s hearing (third) where the parties have not reached an agreement, we will demonstrate to the judge that Iran could not have signed the contract without the guidance of a lawyer. He doesn’t have the technical capacity to understand the rights and duties established by the contact and with that we obtain the total annulment of the signed agreement”, explained the lawyer Plínio Lemos Jorge, to the Estadão.

Lawyer specialized in corporate, contractual and economic law, Emanuel Pessoa says to the Estadão that there is a legal basis for the contract to be annulled during the process. “From a legal point of view, I would be quite surprised if, once the counterclaim was presented, Luva de Pedreiro could not obtain the annulment of the contract based on the defect of consent called ‘injury’, which is when someone enters into an unfavorable contract due to of his blatant inexperience.”


With more than 30 million followers on social media, Luva de Pedreiro ended relations with businessman Allan Jesus after both went on a collision course over financial issues in June. Despite having closed millionaire deals with companies such as Amazon and Pepsi, the influencer would have only R$ 7,500 in his checking account. The agent denied irregularities and stated that some payments to his client are scheduled for the month of July and that the amount to be received would reach R$ 2 million.

Born in Quijingue, a small town of 27,000 inhabitants 320 kilometers from Salvador, Bahia, Iran Ferreira gained prominence on social media with videos posted on Instagram and Tik Tok. In a floodplain field, he shows his skill with kicks at the angle, followed by the catchphrase “receive!”.

Self-titled Glove de Pedreiro – a prop he started using to imitate players protecting themselves from the cold in the European winter -, the young man’s videos quickly went viral in the world of the ball – and even outside of it. Neymar, Bayern Munich players, Nenê (Vasco) and even Cristiano Ronaldo’s son already revered the talent of the Bahian, who is the most followed football influencer on Instagram (17 million).

Since then, Iran Ferreira started to grow more and more in the networks and to be called to events: he had the opportunity to watch the Brazilian team play at Maracanã, he took a plane for the first time, he saw the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool in Paris and launched a casual clothing line.

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