Godoy Cruz asks for more money to release Ojeda to Botafogo, and Textor grows disinterest in negotiating

If everything was unfolding for a compromise between Botafogo and Martín Ojeda, the situation looks like it will stop. Godoy Cruz-ARG asked for more money to sell the striker after Alvinegro agreed to pay what the Argentine team had previously asked for and John Textor, owner of SAF do Glorioso, was irritated by the attitude.

+ John Textor mentions that he wants to hire Christian Benteke, from Crystal Palace, to Botafogo

Values ​​were close to 6 million dollars. (R$ 32.1 million, at the current price). The figures are much higher than what Botafogo expected to spend on Ojeda, but there was an understanding that it was an understanding that could generate returns in the short and medium term on and off the field.

This was the amount requested by Godoy after the Glorious to have made a proposal close to 5 million dollars (R$ 26.8 million). Tomba remained unyielding with the request and Botafogo agreed to pay. Glorioso hoped, then, that the player would be released. But it was the opposite: the Argentines asked for more money, going against a positive attitude.

John Textor got angry and lost his temper with the owners of Godoy. Jose Mansur and Alejandro Chapini are responsible for handling the administrative part of Godoy Cruz and are making the negotiation as difficult as possible. The wish of the American, who believes that it will not be possible to talk given the attitude of the Argentines, is for Glorioso to leave the negotiation.

+ Botafogo closes the first round of the Brasileirão within the goal

Botafogo’s Football Department on the Brazilian side, however, still believes it can reverse the situation. André Mazzuco touches the conversations around here and intends to take an emergency action towards Godoy Cruz. It is worth remembering that the desire of Ojeda’s entrepreneurs is for him to transfer to Brazilian football.

Botafogo see Martín Ojeda as the main target in the window, but they won’t play Godoy Cruz’s game and do everything Tomba asks. John Textor is starting to lose patience and the possibility of Alvinegro abandoning the negotiations is not ruled out.

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