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Group goes to court and identifies that votes of dead partners were registered at Vasco’s AGEDisclosure

Published 07/26/2022 17:53

Amidst the expectation for SAF, a group of Vasco’s partners filed a lawsuit in the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, last Friday. According to the complaint, two votes cast at the last General Assembly, on April 30, were from members who have passed away. The information was initially disclosed by the portal “Jogada10”.

It should be noted that Vasco has already identified the cases and intends to take the appropriate measures. The group “Caravela Cruz-Maltina” had access to the documents and cited that former associates Maurício de Araújo Mattos (deceased in December 2020) and Álvaro Araújo dos Santos (deceased in April 2017) had their votes counted.

Therefore, the group requests that a new expertise be carried out on the list of suitable partners. The rite will continue this Wednesday with the meeting of the Deliberative Council. The expectation is that a new General Meeting will be held on the 6th to finally seal the sale of 70% of SAF to 777 Partners.

Vasco seeks to analyze what happened to take the necessary measures so that it does not affect the progress of the rite. In the first AGE, the Rio club reiterated several times the importance of updating the registrations.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that partner Maurício de Araújo Mattos, who passed away in 2020, was from Grupo Identidade Vasco and was a counselor in one of Roberto Dinamite’s terms. In addition, his son participated in the club’s politics and was a candidate for the board for Roberto Monteiro’s ticket, in 2014.

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