Images show the whole action of a man stealing from a parked car in Patos de Minas

The owner of a vehicle, the target of theft, contacted the newsroom of Patos Hoje to publicize the thief’s action and try to recover at least the prescription glasses that were taken. The theft that occurred this weekend was all recorded in images taken by security cameras of a company existing in the vicinity.

Magda Rocha left the car parked on José Augusto de Queiroz Street, in the Caiçaras neighborhood, and suspects that she was already being observed by the suspect. She said she tried to park on other streets and noticed a motorcyclist accompanying her, not imagining that he could break into her vehicle.

The footage shows the man stopped his motorcycle right behind Magda’s car. He remains in place for a long time, until he manages to open the vehicle door. The suspect leaves, pretends to talk on the phone, and gets back in the car. The thief took the victim’s car stereo, clothes, a backpack and prescription glasses.

Magda has filed a police report and asks for help to try to recover at least her prescription glasses, which will be of no value to the thief, but are of great use to her on a daily basis. Anyone with any information should call the Police on 190 or 181.

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