Learn how to download the new RG Digital app

If there is a document that, according to Brazilians, needed some changes, it is definitely the Identity Card. Fortunately, in addition to the physical version update, which will be available throughout the country until 2023, the digital of the new RG. It is even available for download, but only in some states of Brazil.

see below how to download the new RG Digital app and always have the document just a few taps away.

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Changes in the new ID

The new identity card is available in only a few states, since its issuance is the responsibility of each federative unit. Now, it has the main information of its holder, such as CPF, name, blood type and even if the person is a blood donor or not. It even has an MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) code, the same one found on passports. Therefore, the RG may be valid as a travel document, at least among Mercosur countries.

The Digital ID

When it comes to its digital version, as well as the physical version, it is important to understand that not all states are issuing the document. Because of this, you should check if yours already has the app available. To do this, just access the App Store or Play Store, depending on your device model, and search for the name “RG Digital” followed by the acronym of your state, for example “RG Digital – RJ”. If you want to save time, the digital ID can currently only be downloaded in the following states: Alagoas, Distrito Federal, Goiás, Pará, Paraíba, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

If you are from any of these places, the step by step to use it is very simple and you should start by downloading the application. Then, look for the option “Add ID” and select it. Then, you must scan the QR Code present in the physical version of the document, which, for security reasons, will be responsible for confirming the authenticity of your Identity Card.

Finally, just fill in the steps that should appear on your screen, such as facial recognition and creating a password for your app.

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