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Influencer posted video in which he pretends to need a wheelchair and skips line

Influencer posted video in which he pretends to need a wheelchair and skips line

The video posted by a TikTok user triggered a problem for Heathrow airport, the largest in the UK. Identified as Wolfjenko, he posted images in which he appears pretending to need a wheelchair. But the man uses the equipment only to jump in line and board faster.

Since the video was published, the airport administration has noticed an increase in passengers using the same gimmick and, equally, without any need.

In the June 21 post, Wolfjenko takes a sock off his foot and summarizes what he will do next:

“I pretended to have hurt my leg so I could go through security faster and get on the plane,” says the tiktoker, who has 7,000 followers and, in all, more than 277,900 likes.

Just over a month after publication, the video about the wheelchair has 2.5 million views. And that hearing has been worrying the Heathrow administration.

“For passengers who need wheelchair support, we have more demand than we had before the pandemic. Why is this happening? Part of this is because people are using wheelchair support to try to get quick access to the airport. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do,” John Holland-Kaye, the airport’s chief executive, told The Guardian

With about half of passengers requesting mobility assistance when they arrive at the airport, Holland-Kaye advises people who “really need the service” to let them know “well in advance so we can ensure there are enough people to meet their needs”.

Airports in Europe have faced logistical and structural problems this summer. With Heathrow it was no different and there were delays, long lines and bags scattered in the corridors of the passenger terminals.

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