‘María Marta’ narrates real crime that shook Argentina – 07/26/2022 – Illustrated

Two decades ago, María Marta García Belsunce was found dead by her husband in the bathroom of her home in Country Carmel — a luxury condominium on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. What appeared to be a domestic accident soon turned out to be a premeditated crime.

This eight-episode “true crime” drama series recreates the case that held media attention for months and shook all of Argentina’s high society.

HBO Max, 16 years old

Light & Magic

Founded in 1975, Industrial Light & Magic was the first production company specializing in special effects. This six-episode documentary miniseries, directed by Lawrence Kasdan, tells the story of this pioneering company.

Disney+, free


Jessica Biel plays Candy Montgomery, an American housewife who committed a murder in 1980. A five-episode miniseries based on a true case.

Star+, 16 years old

One step at a time

After years of studying at home, a boy with a prosthetic leg faces the challenge of adapting to school. Based on the autobiography of Paralympic athlete Josh Sundquist.

Apple TV+, free


A new music director stirs the students of Elite Way School, in the second season of the remake of the Mexican series that was very successful between the years 2004 and 2006.

Netflix, 16 years old

still a mystery

The Discovery series that revisits true cases of unsolved crimes reaches its sixth season.

ID, 8:30 pm, and Discovery+, 16 years old

Accomplices in a Rescue

The network starts to reprise the children’s soap opera originally aired in 2015, in which actress Larissa Manoela played twin sisters separated at birth. Upon meeting 12 years later, the two decide to switch places. And then the confusion begins.

SBT, 21:30, free

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