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The weather will warm up in the metaverse of the Facebook owner 🥵. This is what a new policy of the Goal about adult content horizon worlds, revealed this Tuesday (26). The environments, however, will not be restricted to “near nudity”: the company will also allow spaces on other topics for people over 18 years old.

Meta makes document with rules for adult content available in Horizon Worlds (Image: Disclosure)
Meta makes document with rules for adult content available in Horizon Worlds (Image: Disclosure)

The document is available on the Meta Quest support platform. Titled “Horizon’s Adult Worlds Policy,” the report begins by saying that Meta wants a “safe and welcoming environment” for all users of Horizon, the company’s virtual reality environment. “When worlds are intended for adult audiences, Meta requires that the world be marked as mature,” they explained.

The policy describes what content is allowed and what must be marked as adult. The first topic is demarcated for “sexually suggestive” interactions, such as “near nudity”. The list also cites “representations of people in implied or suggestive positions” or environments focused on “overly suggestive activities”.

The document, however, does not talk about foot packs.

The terms go further. If anyone wants to create worlds that talk about alcohol, marijuana, or “age-regulated activities” like gambling, that’s fine too. The same is said for “intense or excessively violent fictional content, including gore and gore, that may shock or disgust users.”

Facebook owner's rules are intended for Meta Quest's virtual reality (VR) environments (Image: Disclosure)
Facebook owner’s rules are intended for Meta Quest’s virtual reality (VR) environments (Image: Disclosure)

Not everything is free, of course. Meta notes that some topics are still prohibited by the Conduct Policy in Virtual Reality (VR). This is the case for sexually explicit or provocative content. This includes “nudity, depictions of people in explicit positions or sexually provocative or implied content or worlds.”

The terms still address content that describes or promotes the use of illegal drugs and the abuse of prescription drugs. Worlds that talk about criminal and dangerous activities, in addition to intense real-life violence, “including blood and gore”, are also on the list of vetoed topics. The last topic is related to environments related to the purchase, sale or negotiation of regulated goods, “such as firearms, blades, alcohol and tobacco”.

It is worth remembering that other behaviors are considered inappropriate by Meta’s conduct policy. This is the case of harassment, intimidation and bullying. The terms also restrict offensive actions, such as sexual gestures, sexualization of minors and the expression of hate speech on the platform.

“If we discover that you have violated the Community Standards or this VR Conduct Policy on Facebook or Oculus products, we may take action with respect to your account, such as restricting or temporarily suspending it,” they said. “In the event of serious or recurring offenses, we may deactivate your account permanently.”

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