Mozilla launches Firefox 103: see the main news

Mozilla launched, this Tuesday (26), the new firefox 103 new features include improved performance on high refresh rate monitors, mandatory fields highlighted in PDF forms, and expanded picture-in-picture (PiP) captions.

The main new features included in the release notes are as follows:

  • improved responsiveness on macOS during periods of high CPU load, switching to a new blocking API;
  • highlighting mandatory fields in PDF forms;
  • Improved performance on high refresh rate monitors (120Hz+);
  • feature to change font size of subtitles directly in PiP;
  • subtitles available from Funimation, Dailymotion, Tubi, Hotstar and SonyLIV;
  • accessing the buttons on the Tabs toolbar using the Tab, Shift+Tab and arrow keys;
  • accessibility configuration Windows “Grow Text” for all UI and content pages;
  • Fixing Firefox to the Windows taskbar during Windows 10 and 11 installation, ensuring faster startup after installation.

Source: Firefox/Twitter/Disclosure.Source: Firefox/Twitter/Disclosure.Source: Firefox/Twitter

In addition to new performance and accessibility features, Firefox 103 promises stronger security due to the removal of the configuration option that allows SHA-1 signatures on certificates. According to the release notes, “SHA-1 signatures on certificates, long determined to be no longer secure enough, are now not supported.”

How to update to the new version of Firefox?

Upgrading to Firefox 103 will occur automatically for anyone using Windows or macOS. On Linux, the Snap versions of Firefox, although programmed to update automatically, may depend on the previous execution of the update manager with the option to download available updates.

The manual update can also be done on Windows, just go to the menu and access Help > About Firefox. It will then download available updates and ask you to restart Firefox. a new copy can be downloaded from the Mozilla website.

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