Pedrinho praises Oliveira, from Cruzeiro, and remembers when he discovered him at the base

Former player and assistant t
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Former player and technical assistant, today Pedrinho sports commentator for Grupo Globo

Commentator Pedrinho, from Grupo Globo, played an important role in the life of defender Lucas Oliveira, one of the highlights of Cruzeiro in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship this season. The former multi-champion player for Vasco was one of those responsible for launching the defender into the professional, when he was still a coach at Tigres do Brasil, in Duque de Caxias-RJ.

During a sports session at GE this Tuesday (26), Pedrinho recalled when he discovered Oliveira at the base of the Carioca team before the start of the 2017 Carioca Championship. and that he was starting his career as a technician.

“We were at Tigres and, as incredible as it may seem, it was a month before the Campeonato Carioca started and there were no professional players. a kid named Oliveira. He was a big, gangly defender”, he began.

“They gave him the ball and he cut the attacker, I liked it. After that, I went to Felipe and said: ‘There’s a kid there who plays well, has personality, I scold everyone, even with pressure he risks the pass was well done’. Felipe asked to raise him to professional… And I was very happy to see him succeeding now at Cruzeiro”, he said.

Pedrinho also highly praised the evolution of Oliveira throughout his career. For the commentator, the defender of Raposa has always stood out for his personality on the field.

“He caught my attention at first because of his game personality, of not being afraid to play, even in training at the base. Then, in the professional, he continued to scold everyone, the older guys. So, if he would avenge I didn’t know or not, but he had one thing that was important: personality”, he concluded.

Pedrinho and Felipe arrived at Tigres in July 2016. However, the two friends only started work at the club in December, two months before the start of Carioca 2017. Under the coaches’ command, the team won only one match, drew three and lost another three.

Oliveira’s career

Lucas Oliveira
photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

Lucas Oliveira one of the highlights of Cruzeiro in the season

In his first season as a professional, Oliveira played 27 games with the Tigres shirt and scored two goals. After his good performance at the modest club, he caught the attention of Bangu, where he played 11 matches before moving to Atltico Goianiense.

Oliveira gained notoriety at Drago, where he worked for four years. At first, he arrived to reinforce the under-23 team, but was soon promoted to professional. In Goiás, the defender made 133 appearances and scored eight goals.

In February this year, Lucas Oliveira was loaned to Cruzeiro. Since then, he has been standing out in the heavenly defense alongside teammates Eduardo Brock and Z Ivaldo. So far, the defender has played 32 games with the starred shirt and has scored once.

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