Restless, Lisca demands more from the cast and ‘shakes’ Santos

Lisca avoids being called “Crazy”, but Santos has understood in practice the reasons for the nickname. The new coach of Peixe has already shaken the club in less than a week.

The board understands that Lisca is taking some players and employees out of their comfort zone. In six days, the coach has already complained about the logistics, changed the routine at CT Rei Pelé and was uncomfortable with the base.

“A scavenger hunt”

Lisca didn’t mince words when complaining about Santos’ trip to Fortaleza in the 0-0 draw last Sunday (24). As was usual with the commission of Fabián Bustos and other coaches, Peixe went the day before the matches. And it won’t be like that anymore.

The delegation arrived in the capital of Ceará on Saturday night to be able to play with Fortaleza on Sunday. Parties in the city further disrupted the tight logistics. Upon learning of the schedule, Lisca asked for changes, but there was no time.

One of the reasons for Santos to travel on the eve of the game is the desire of the squad, which wins another day with the family. Lisca has already talked to the athletes and warned about the need for “sacrifice”.

“It was a competition. We’re going to improve. If we can’t come two days earlier and sacrifice a little, we’re at the wrong club. Santos is a giant and has to prepare well for the matches, prioritizing recovery,” said Lisca.

New schedules and more intensity

Fabián Bustos’ Santos trained early in the morning after games at Vila Belmiro. The athletes arrived at dawn and at 8 am they were already in the CT for the regenerative.

Lisca arrived in Santos on Wednesday, the day of the 2-0 victory over Botafogo in Vila. And he was surprised when he found out about Thursday’s practice time.

“Recovery can’t be Thursday morning. Sleep is the biggest recovery a player can have. LeBron James sleeps 12 hours a day. They sleep to recover, they look like hibernated bears. We can’t finish the game at 0h and recover in the morning. We have to sleep and recover at 3 pm”, evaluated the coach.

Lisca’s training sessions have also been longer. Athletes were used to intense activities, but with shorter duration. The new commander wants to alternate schedules and loads to not leave players in the same.

O UOL Esporte found that Lisca delayed her lunch break and the departure of the bus in Fortaleza. The coach extended his lecture and lecture to prepare the team in the smallest details.

“I trained a little too much in intensity. Santos is used to training shorter, but I like it. We can’t always stay on the same beat, so the performance doesn’t improve. We have to demand more as it is with those who run. It starts with 10 minutes and then go to the marathon”, said Lisca.

“It’s details that make the difference. We can lose a kingdom because of the horse’s shoe nail. The messenger doesn’t arrive and, without the message, there’s no way… Small details are fundamental”, he added.

Lisca has been making the most of this free week before Santos face Fluminense, on Monday (1st), in Vila. Peixe will train at 9 am on Wednesday and at 3 pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

last minute change

One of Lisca’s first goals at Santos was to choose the pair of defenders to face Fortaleza. Without Maicon and Luiz Felipe, in the medical department, the coach outlined the team with Eduardo Bauermann and Alex and called Jair, from the under-20, to train with him.

Jair, 17 years old, would be related to the trip to Ceará, but, at the last minute, he warned the club about a remedy for pimples recommended by a dermatologist. The medication does not cause sports gain, but it is prohibited by the Brazilian Association for Doping Control (ABCD).

If Jair didn’t warn and was drawn for doping, he could be punished. Lisca was uncomfortable with the situation and questioned the basic categories about monitoring the boys and the rules for using medication.

This example from Jair shows how Lisca cares beyond training and games. At the press conference, the coach said that he doesn’t think much about the long term. The idea is to improve Santos in a short time and, for that, he wants to enjoy every second.

“Good coaches are the ones who get results in a short time, in Europe it’s years. I’m not afraid to leave Santos. I wouldn’t like it, but my life will go on and I’ll have another opportunity. I’m good at what I do. . To be really good, we need results and I’m going to try that. If I don’t get it, patience.”

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