Retro x Santa Cruz: police will check tickets at R$ 300 for Serie D game | Brazilian series d

The charge of R$ 300 for a ticket to Retrô x Santa Cruz, for the knockout of the Series D, became a case of the police. This value for the entire ticket was established by Retrô, the home team, for Monday’s game, at Arena de Pernambuco. By means of a note, the police informed, this Tuesday, that the Consumer Police Station will investigate the case “for the clarification of the facts”.

Also according to the corporation, a criminal complaint was filed that questioned the amounts charged for the tickets. A half ticket will cost R$ 150, according to Retrô. The request for an investigation was made by the chairman of the Finance Committee, state deputy Aluísio Lessa (PSB).

– The Civil Police of Pernambuco informs that a criminal complaint was made questioning the amounts charged for tickets. The Consumer Police will investigate the case to clarify the facts.- says the statement.

Arena de Pernambuco receives Santa Cruz x Retrô — Photo: Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

The parliamentarian also requested that the police station investigate whether the leader was practicing “abusive crime in the provision of services, demanding a manifestly excessive advantage from the consumer, an economic infraction, in addition to contradicting the National Policy on Consumer Relations”.

According to the deputy, the practice “hurts respect for the dignity of health and safety and the protection of economic interests, the consumer’s quality of life, as well as good faith and the balance of consumer relations between consumer and supplier.”

The controversy over the R$ 300 ticket started on Sunday, the day of the first match between Santa Cruz and Retrô, valid for the second phase of the D Series. The president of Retrô, Laércio Guerra, announced the value, generating many complaints on social networks. In previous games in which the team was the home team, the value of the entire entry was R$ 20.

Santa Cruz fan criticizes game ticket value against Retrô

Santa Cruz fan criticizes game ticket value against Retrô

Since then, several entities have entered the case. This Tuesday, the Brazilian Bar Association Pernambuco Section (OAB) notified Retrô. The document was signed by João Marcelo Neves, vice president of the sports law commission, and Joaquim Pessoa Guerra Filho, president of the consumer protection commission, in addition to other lawyers.

According to information from the ge, the lawyers pointed out that “the absence of rationality” in the value of the tickets “can constitute a violation of the economic order, given that consumer protection is one of the principles of the economic order, according to article 170 of the Constitution Federal”.

The document also says that “the tenfold increase in the value normally applied, is configured as unfair behavior, in abuse of the dominant position, resulting in restriction of access to culture and leisure”. The OAB gave Retrô a period of 48 hours to explain the price increase, under penalty of “taking the appropriate judicial and/or appropriate administrative measures”.

In the second, the Procon of Pernambuco notified Retro, demanding clarification on the price of tickets. In a note, the consumer protection body took into account article 39, items V and X of the Consumer Protection Code, when it cites that it is forbidden to demand from the consumer an advantage “manifestly excessive, as well as the increase in price without just cause”.

After a bottle is thrown at a bus, Retrô registers a police report, and the director reveals threats

President of Retrô announces ticket at R$ 300 for the return game against Santa Cruz

President of Retrô announces ticket at R$ 300 for the return game against Santa Cruz

Procon inspectors went to the Retro Training Center, in Camaragibe, to demand explanations from the club. The inspectors wanted to know “what would be the mechanisms used in the composition of the ticket values ​​for the visiting and home fans”.

Depending on the analysis of the process, Retrô, according to the statement, may respond administratively, and may pay a fine ranging from R$1,000 to R$9 million.

Santa Cruz informed that it believes in the solution of the impasse in an administrative way, with the responsible public bodies acting so that a “right of the collectivity is not harmed”. Retrô reiterated that it will charge R$ 300 for the entire entrance. sold over the internet.

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