Review: Mission: Impossible – Fallout Effect (2018)

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“Mission Impossible” is what keeps Tom Cruise in evidence until today, in that hall of popcorn movie stars. One of the great achievements that made the agent saga Ethan Hunt on the big screen, so long and thriving, was the ability to reinvent the tone, narrative and creativity of his action scenes.

“Mission: Impossible: – Fallout Effect” is the sixth film in a franchise that began back in 1996 as a result of Tom Cruise’s dream of adapting one of his favorite series to the big screen. Each film brought a director, a style, but without forgetting the incessant atmosphere, the twists and chases staged – without stunts – by the main star.

“Fallout Effect” is the first film whose story is a direct link to the previous one, and it is that chapter that serves to unify – in some way – the entire franchise through subtle but important references to that world. It is the first time that we have the return of the same director. Christopher McQuarrie directed the predecessor, “Secret Nation”and returns to the head position, and also as screenwriter.

Unlike the five previous films, “Fallout Effect” mixes the tone of adventure with a denser narrative loaded with despair. It is the first one whose tone escapes the episodic spirit – even if it is – and places the characters in the middle of a plot where the sense of end, farewell, is notorious. When they compared the film to “Batman the dark knight” in Christopher Nolanit was precisely because of this emotional instability, where nothing seems safe and each character’s arc is in serious danger of coming to an end – including Cruise’s own.

It is the most daring film in the franchise, whether in the superb action sequences performed largely without the aid of digital effects – and with Cruise even more insane in the stunts without the use of stunt doubles -, or when it comes to using the sound at the time. and the soundtrack that is responsible for collaborating with this distressing environment. It’s more than two hours of pure climax, with frantic, exciting action, and loaded with the emotional weight of each character’s story – which makes the experience more engaging due to the identification factor.

McQuarrie and Cruise do a brilliant job. They use the classic clichés of all the movies in a plot full of intelligence, dynamism, feeling and interest in taking us along on the adventure. It has a brilliant tune of each cinematographic element responsible for making us cheer, vibrate, get emotional and never forget the magical experience that is living the impossible in cinema. Masterful!

Mission: Impossible – Fallou/USA

Year: 2018 – Directed by: Christopher McQuerrie

Cast: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Henry Cavill…

Synopsis: Forced to join forces with CIA Special Agent August Walker (Henry Cavill) for yet another impossible mission, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) finds himself once again face to face with Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) and trapped in a web of old men. acquaintances driven by mysterious interests and contacts of dubious morals. Tormented by past decisions that come back to haunt him, Hunt must come to terms with his feelings and prevent a catastrophic explosion from occurring, with the help of his IMF friends.

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