Sale of 70% of Vasco’s football to 777 has its penultimate step this Wednesday | vasco

Vasco will have an important day in the process of selling 70% of SAF to 777 Partners. On Wednesday night, at the Headquarters Náutica da Lagoa, the Deliberative Council will appreciate the opinions issued by the powers of the club on the contracts and recommend or not the agreement to the members.

The convening of the session as an emergency took place on Monday night, shortly after Vasco overturned the injunction in court that forced the club to open contracts with 777 and paralyzed the SAF rite. After tonight’s meeting, the expectation is that the General Assembly will be convened and held on August 7th. If the sale is approved, all football assets will be transferred to SAF the next day, and the company will take over football immediately.

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777 executives were in Brazil last week and began the transition in charge of football — Photo: Disclosure

This Wednesday’s meeting is scheduled for 7:30 pm. The second call will be at 20:00. It takes place in a hybrid way, with the presence of counselors at the Nautical Headquarters and also virtually.

At first, the opinions of the Fiscal Council, the Council of Meritorious and the SAF Study Commission will be presented. Afterwards, the recommendation or not of the proposal will be discussed and voted on.

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This Wednesday’s session will be the last step before the AGE that will define the sale for the 777 — Photo: Tébaro Schmidt / ge

For the proposal to be voted on in the Deliberative Council, a quorum of at least 151 councilors is required, and the decision to recommend approval or not must be by 2/3 of those present.

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Vasco is still looking for a new coach and will have an important meeting to decide the future for SAF

Vasco is still looking for a new coach and will have an important meeting to decide the future for SAF

It is up to the directors to recommend or not the approval of the sale of 70% of SAF do Vasco to 777 Partners. Even if the matter does not go through the CD, it is the partners who will define the future of the business in a vote at the General Meeting.

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The approval or not of the partners will be by a simple majority, that is, 50% plus one of the votes. If they decide to sell SAF, 777 takes over Vasco football afterwards, which in this scenario would allow the company to invest in the team before the end of the window, on August 15th.

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