Sandra Bullock turns 58 and announces career hiatus Rolling Stone

The actress Sandra Bullock turns 58 this Tuesday, the 26th, and at the beginning of the month he announced an indefinite pause in his career, the decision came after a burnout crisis (via The Hollywood Reporter).

“I’m so exhausted. I’m so tired, I’m not able to make healthy, smart decisions and I know it,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “I really do not know [quanto tempo a pausa pode durar].”

The American actress became famous for big roles in 90s films, her first success came in 1994 with Maximum speed next to the actor Keanu Reeves. Today, the actress has 50 films under her belt and among her biggest successes we have Miss sympathy (2000), Eight Women and a Secret (2018), Gravity (2013), between others.

Bullock was also considered the highest paid actress in Hollywood by the Guinness Book and in 2010, received an Oscar for best actress for an impossible dream(2009).

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This year, he insisted on reversing roles in Lost City (2022)a film which he was responsible for producing and acting, where he plays a more daring character, while Channing Tatum (Dear John), makes a more sensitive character.

Before the break, the actress is still part of Bullet trainin Brad Pitt, directed by David Leitch slated for release on August 4th.

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The Lost City (2022)

Described as a new “version” of All for an Emerald (1984), Lost City (2022) revolves around a reclusive novelist (Bullock) who believes nothing would be worse than touring his latest book with the model (tatum) that illustrates the cover. Everything changes when the author and the model suffer an attempted kidnapping, and, as a result, are taken on a surprising adventure in the jungle.

The production was released in North American theaters on March 25, and should enter the catalog of the Paramount Plus about a month later. In Brazil, the film is scheduled to hit theaters on August 4. Check it out below:

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