Steam announces event with promotions on fighting games for September

I only play where the beating is the focus

Steam’s next big promotion event will take place in September, between the 19th and 26thand will focus on the shit games. called “Banking Festival”the event will feature hack and slash titles, fighting and any other type of game where “melee combat” is the focus.

Although the publication of the Steam page is a call to developers to submit their games, it gives us a sense of what we will have on sale when the event starts. In addition to cheaper games, the Pancadaria Festival will also bring demos and announcements of future releases.

“Steam Brawling Festival celebrates hack and slash games, spectacular fights and more, with discounts and demos of melee games of all kinds on Steam, released or not,” describes the rules page. for the participants.

For a game to be able to enter the event and be sold cheaper, it must meet some requirements that have to do with the theme of the event.

Participation requirements

  • Character Focused Action
  • Spectacular Fight
  • hack and slash
  • musou

The requirements above are the most important, and below you can see what other elements and characteristics the participating games may have:

– Continues after advertising –

  • RPG elements
  • Third-person gameplay
  • agile combat
  • Use of swords, firearms etc.
  • Tracking sequences of blows or visual representation of damage done
  • Customization of character skills/weapons
  • Scoring/Ranking System

The rules also describe that Action-RPG, soulslike, arena fights, among others, which commonly rely on beatings, can be left out if this main element is not present. That is, it is not only the characterization by genre that will guarantee that the game is eligible.

Steam says that the participating game doesn’t necessarily need to have any discount to participate, “although the event page mainly highlights discounted games”. The event will also feature a section for game demos and future releases, all within the proposed theme.

Even if it still takes almost two months to happen, it’s already good to prepare your wallet if you enjoy a good game of brawling.


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