TeamGroup launches first M.2 SSD with Vapor Chamber cooling

Model promises to deliver shorter recording time than conventional devices

THE TeamGroup presented, this Tuesday (26), its first model of SSD VC Cooling M2. The solution, according to the company, is unprecedented in the market and comes to meet the need for cooling in industrial-level models, capable of delivering high speed performance at lower temperatures. The new PCIe M.2 SSD comes equipped with VC liquid cooling (Vapor Chamber).

The model of the new device from the TeamGroup and the N74V-M80. According to the company’s announcement, the SSD features liquid cooling tubes that were specially designed for it. Through these tubes, the fluid is pumped to the heating zone of the controller, thus, the heat is transferred to the aluminum sink through the transition from gas to liquid, with the aim of improving the temperature.

The SSD must deliver users speeds of write and read up to 3400 and 2500 MB/s, respectively, through PCIe Gen3x4 and NVMe1.3 standard interface support. According to the TeamGroupthe model is ideal for HPC devices with adequate installation space.

performance tests

THE TeamGroup also made available some test results made by the company itself with the SSD N74V-M80. According to the brand, its new VC liquid-cooled model was better at maintaining data writing capacity than standard SSDs, without heat sinks, at a temperature of 85°C.

TeamGroup M.2 Industrial Grade VC Cooling SSD Official Page

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The graph that the company made available points to a 75% recording time reduction (see video below). Recording time went from 116 minutes to 29 minutes with the VC-cooled model.

TeamGroup describes its new PCIe M.2 SSD as a “perfect choice for a reliable and durable industrial grade SSD upgrade”.


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