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The Diet Secrets That Help Tom Cruise Maintain Youth (That Seems Eternal)

He is always accompanied by his personal chef and is “absurdly disciplined”, say his colleagues. Apparently, the formula works.

On the occasion of Tom Cruise’s 60th birthday, a curious comparison emerged on social media. The actor’s image in “Top Gun: Maverick” was placed side by side with that of Sean Connery in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. The actor was 59 years old and the contrast between the two could not be more evident.

Cruise’s kind of eternal youth is one of Hollywood’s most curious secrets. In addition to the actor’s excellent physical shape, the explanation may also be in the strict diet he has followed for many years.

The good shape that allows him to do his most dangerous scenes, combined with a strict diet and, of course, a prodigious genetics, make up the magic formula with which Cruise puts all men in his age group to shame.

From the outset, the actor avoids fried foods and dishes prepared at high temperatures. The preference is, according to “Men’s Health”, given to foods cooked at a low temperature, so that they retain many of their nutrients.

Failure to comply with this rule can lead to chronic inflammation, which can be avoided precisely with foods richer in nutrients. Especially if these are nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties such as onion or citrus flavonoids, soy isoflavones and beta-glucan.

When it is necessary to cook food, preference is given to grilling. As for carbohydrates, the cut is radical.

According to the American magazine, Cruise is adept at a “Beckham-style” diet, with a daily limit of 1,200 calories – a value that, of course, is adapted when physical activity becomes more demanding.

Regarding carbohydrates, specialist Paul Clayton explains that their consumption stimulates the body to produce insulin and that, as an aging hormone, it should be avoided for those who want to keep their youth a little longer.

“[Os hidratos] become glucose molecules in our body and then go on to damage muscles and tissues. This causes aging”, he explains to “Men’s Health”. Cruise’s alternative? Vegetables and legumes that produce less insulin.

That brings us to another maxim: zero sugar. Cruise is known to surprise his colleagues on sets with sweets and cakes — perhaps a plan to look younger as he makes everyone else older — but he never touches them.

To relieve the appetite caused by such a low calorie consumption, Cruise is also a fan of healthy snacks that he nibbles throughout the day, alternating between nuts and red fruits.

To comply with all these limitations and requirements, Cruise is always accompanied by its personal chef. However, the actor is not envious and does not mind sharing his diet with others, as revealed by Simon Pegg, the actor with whom he shared the set in “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”.

Forty years separate these photos

Pegg, who participated in the crazy stunts that Cruise likes to pull off, had to undergo a special diet as well. “Nutrition is 99 percent of the battle when you’re trying to get in shape,” the actor revealed, after explaining that Cruise has extended the services of his personal chef Kat to the entire team.

“Kat would make us little daily boxes that contained all of our meals — and they didn’t have boring food,” he recalls. “We had amazing stews with chorizo, dates stuffed with peanut butter and sprinkled with coconut. They said that the food was designed for us to be physically well prepared.”

During the recordings, Pegg admitted that the actors were breaking the rules, especially at night, when they dared to eat chocolates in their rooms.

“Occasionally, we ended the day eating the chocolate that was placed on the bed pillow. We couldn’t resist,” Pegg confessed. “Me and Rebecca Ferguson played around with it. asked her if she had eaten her chocolate. But Tom never ate — he’s insanely disciplined. It’s amazing.”

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