“The Gray Man”: Despite Success, Audiences Reveal It Lost to Other Netflix Films

“The Gray Man” is yet another big hit in the release of Netflix original films, but its “phenomenal” impact may be being overemphasized by the platform’s promotion.

On Tuesday, the studio announced plans to make two more “The Gray Man: The Hidden Agent” films, a sequel again with Ryan Gosling and directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, and a prequel.

At a time when they only knew that the film had been the most viewed in 92 markets, the Russo brothers said in the official statement that they were “thrilled” by the decision and that “the public reaction to ‘The Gray Man’ was no less than phenomenal”.

The announcement overshadowed the disclosure shortly after the official Netflix Top 10 ratings: 88.55 million hours viewed in the week between July 18 and 24.

As the launch took place on Friday, the 22nd, audiences reflect only the first three days and confirm the success: “The Gray Man” will have no difficulty entering the Top 10 of the most viewed original films ever on the platform, which accounts for the first 28 days and where “Spenser Confidential” ranks tenth, with 197.320 million hours.

But there’s another interpretation to the numbers: Netflix’s most expensive original movie lost to three of the four most recent titles released on a Friday that are in the Top 10 of the most viewed of all time.

With a budget of over $200 million, “The Gray Man” was only ahead of “Inexcusable” with Sandra Bullock, which had 85.86 million views as of December 2021, losing across the board with the film. first on the Top, “Red Warning” with Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, now the second most expensive in the history of the platform, which had 148.72 million hours viewed in the first three days of November.

The other films released on a Friday that also came ahead were the comedies “Don’t Look Up” (111.03 million hours in December) and “The Adam Project” (92.43 million in March), both with higher budgets. modest.

“The Gray Man” was ahead of two other Netflix films, “365 Days: That Day” (77.98 million in April) and “Hustle” with Adam Sandler (84.58 million in June), but these numbers are for the first five days as they were released on a Wednesday.

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