understand how the scam that promises easy money is done

A new type of scam that promises easy money has been hurting Brazilians in recent months. This is the so-called Pix Robot, a platform that supposedly automates the posting of comments on Instagram giveaway posts. In practice, however, this does not happen, and the user realizes that he has been the victim of a scam.

According to the website that claims to market the “official version” of the robot, the platform increases the chance by up to 94% of the user receiving more than R$30,000 per month in cash prizes. However, when users buy the Pix Robot, they realize that it doesn’t work.

When they try to recover the money, they fail, at which point they realize they have been victims of a scam. People’s interest in the Pix Robot would have started in January of this year and continues to this day.

How it works

The scammers claim that the Pix Robot performs, automatically and 24 hours a day, comments on Instagram sweepstakes in which the prize is a transfer via Pix. The mechanism would increase the chances of winning the sweepstakes. However, that doesn’t happen.

The website that promotes the robot also claims that the platform marks, in the giveaway post, only profiles of real people, in addition to simulating human interactions, using intervals between each comment.

The fake robot is sold for prices ranging from R$47 to R$197. Other higher values ​​are also presented in publications that promote the platform. Payment can be made by bank slip, Pix or credit card. After confirming the purchase, the user receives, via email, access to the Pix robot and instructions on how to use it.

Scammers report that the product has a seven-day warranty and, if it doesn’t work, the money is refunded. When users realize that the robot doesn’t work and try to recover the value, the scammers disappear and the buyer is harmed by purchasing the fake service.

Irregular image use

“While 95% of people are working hard and sweating their shirt in boring jobs and with a salary that is barely enough to pay the bills, there are others making lots of money using a strategy that few know to win Pix sweepstakes automatically on Instagram ”, promises the narrator of the video that introduces the Pix Robot.

The platform also uses the image of famous artists for advertising, such as the singer MC Mirella. To the TechTudo website, which produced a special report on the subject, the singer’s advice informed that her image was not authorized.

“[MC Mirella] does not have any link with the company, as well as with the advertised product, not even an advertising contract. The image was used improperly and criminally”, wrote the artist’s advice to the website.

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