University student who killed classmate will be executed live on TV

Student Mohamed Adel, 21, will have his death shown live on Egyptian TV after stabbing a university colleague to death. The conviction took place on July 6.

The student killed Naira Ashraf after the victim refused the marriage proposal on the outskirts of the university where they studied and lived. The attack took place when Naira got off a bus and was punched in the head.

After the victim fell, Mohamed struck several times with a knife on Naira’s neck, who could not resist and died on the spot. Still close to the bus, the convict was overpowered by people passing by and taken to the police station.

The judge from Egypt said that the crime shocked the nation and, therefore, the situation not only warrants a death penalty, but also the live broadcast so that other people do not carry out similar murders.

This type of transmission has not been carried out in the country since 1998. “The transmission, even if only part of the beginning of the process, could achieve the objective of deterrence, which was not achieved with the transmission of the sentence itself”, said the note from the court of Mansura.

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