Vasco gives up the game at Maracanã, but promises to “fight”; Flamengo defends itself

The Maracanã Consortium denied Vasco’s request to send the match against Chapecoense, on July 31, at the stadium. The response from the duo Fla-Flu, who provisionally manages the place, came this Tuesday. Cruz-Maltino, in turn, threatened to take “appropriate measures”.

Despite this, however, Vasco will play the match against Chape in São Januário. The game will mark the debut of Alex Teixeira, who returns to the club after 12 years. This was, in fact, the reason why Vasco would like to dispute the confrontation on the spot.

The duo Fla-Flu used the pitch’s justification to deny Vasco’s request. The stadium was closed in recent days to repair the grass and will reopen this Wednesday (27), for Flamengo and Athletico, for the Copa do Brasil.

They suggested other dates to Vasco. The biggest problem is that in none of the suggested dates, the club is the home team of the game. The situation caused revolt among the Vasco residents.

“This is the second time in a row that the stadium, a public asset belonging to the State of Rio de Janeiro, has been denied to the club. The last time, against Sport, Vasco had to resort to justice against CR Flamengo, the stadium’s licensee, after be prevented from using equipment that is public and that must be open and available to all major clubs in Rio de Janeiro on equal terms. As expressed in CR Flamengo’s proposal to the State Government, as well as the terms of reference of the contract of precarious use. This understanding was ratified by two instances of the TJ-RJ”, says an excerpt from Vasco’s official communiqué.

Flamengo, in turn, understands that the court decision, which allowed Vasco to play against Cruzeiro at the stadium, was flawed and asked the judge who gave a favorable opinion to the Vasco residents. In this case, the red-black tries to reverse the previous decision, even if the match has already taken place.

As I knew the GOAL, Flamengo’s idea is to leave as a final result, a decision that demonstrates that Vasco did not have the right and played based on a preliminary, provisional decision that was not definitive. Therefore, the club seeks to avoid creating a precedent and Cruz-Maltino has the right given by the court to rent the stadium whenever it wants.

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