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Blocking someone on WhatsApp prevents an unwanted person from being able to interact with you in the app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS). To block, just open the conversation with whom you want to end contact, press the three dots in the upper right corner and tap “Block” twice. However, although the procedure is simple, it is necessary to be aware of some details that are part of this system, such as, for example, the connections – since, when giving block someone, the user can still call you outside of the app.

O TechTudo prepared a list of six fun facts about what happens when you block someone on WhatsApp. Among the questions answered below are: “when you block the message appears?”, “when you block do you receive a normal call?”, “when you block does the person’s name appear?”, “when does the photo appear?”, etc.

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List explains what happens when you block someone on WhatsApp — Photo: Helito Beggiora/TechTudo

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1. When you block, does the message, photo, status and last seen appear?

One of the easiest ways to find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is to stay tuned for Message. That’s because, when a person is blocked in the messenger, the message that is in their Message disappears for them – just like their profile picture, status and last seen, which also disappear from the app.

You can even hide these items from someone, without having to block the person. To make this adjustment, open WhatsApp and press the three dots in the upper right corner. Tap “Settings” > “Account” > “Privacy”.

In this area, you can disable any of the information you want for a specific contact by selecting “My contacts except…” and then choosing who you don’t want to share those elements of your profile with.

WhatsApp function allows you to hide profile information from specific contacts — Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes/TechTudo

2. What happens to messages?

Messages will not be received even after you unblock. That’s because, when a contact is blocked on WhatsApp, he is unable to interact with you – whether by chat, call or video. The person is not notified by the app that you have blocked them, but any message forwarded by them will not reach your messenger – and for the sender, only a gray check will appear next to the text.

Even if the contact is later unblocked, content that may have been sent during the blocking period will not be received. He is in a “limbo” that prevents him from being delivered. It is also worth mentioning that, if the person is unblocked, conversations can be resumed normally, without any limitations.

Blocked contacts can no longer send you messages on WhatsApp — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

3. When do you receive group messages?

If you block a person who participates in the same group as you, they will still be able to see the messages you exchange in the chat together. It is also allowed for the contact to tag you through @ in conversations, and vice versa. Images, videos and audios shared in the chat can also be seen by the blocked person.

If you want to prevent this communication from happening, the ideal is to leave the group or ask the conversation administrator to remove the unwanted person. To remove yourself from a group chat on WhatsApp, open the chat, tap the three dots, then press “More” > “Leave Group” > “Leave”.

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4. When does the person’s name appear?

Your name, on the other hand, doesn’t “disappear” from the blocked contact’s app. The reason for this is simple: the way you appear on other people’s WhatsApp is related to the way they saved your number in their cell phone book.

So, if someone saves their contact as “Y”, even if the user in question takes a block, you will keep showing up as “Y” in the app. It is worth remembering that the same logic applies to you: after blocking someone, their name will still appear for you according to the way it is saved in your agenda.

WhatsApp: what happens when I block someone? See 6 curiosities — Photo: Raquel Freire/TechTudo

5. Is blocking someone the same as removing contact?

When you block a person, they lose access to your WhatsApp information and can no longer interact with you through the app. When you remove the contact, you just delete it from your phone book, that is, you delete the number that was added. That way, he will continue to see your data in the messenger and will be able to contact you at any time normally.

If you have an active conversation with the person in the app, they will still appear in the chat list, but the name will be changed to their mobile number, just like when an unadded person contacts you. There is also the possibility to delete the conversations carried out and completely delete the desired profile from your WhatsApp. But it is worth remembering that it will no longer be possible to find it in the messenger unless you add it again to the phone book.

When you delete a contact from the agenda, the contact can still send you a message on WhatsApp — Photo: Luana Marfim/TechTudo

6. When you block the app, do you receive a normal call?

Blocking a person on WhatsApp prevents them from contacting you through the app, but does not restrict them from calling you on their cell phone service or sending you an SMS. To completely disable the interaction, it is necessary to block the person’s number in the cell phone book.

On Android, you can do this by accessing the Phone app and pressing the three dots in the upper right corner. Then tap “Settings” > “Block numbers” > “Contacts”. Select the desired person from the list and press “Ok”. On iPhone (iOS), open the Phone app, tap “Favorites, Recents or Voicemail”. Then press the information icon next to the number you want to block and tap “Block this caller”.

Blocking on WhatsApp does not prevent someone from calling you on the phone service; learn to block contact from the agenda — Photo: Helito Beggiora/TechTudo

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