who is the “owner” of BRL 250 million for startups in ES

Photo: Vitor Carvalho

The money man is definitely him: Marcel Malczewski.

This is because the entrepreneur who is the founder of TM3 Capital is the one who coordinates – and defines who will be sponsored – the Fundo Soberano do Espírito Santo. Today, the amount that is available to be contributed is R$ 250 million, over a period of five years, which has already been part invested in five projects last month. The transaction was made during a visit by the man from Paraná to the state.

“We are an investment fund manager that invests in technology and we were selected in a public notice for this project here, so we are managers of it. The shareholder is Bandes, but at the end of the day, we are the ones who write the checks”, he jokes, in a chat with Pedro Permuy Column.

Photo: Vitor Carvalho

Marcel and the CEO of Bandes, Munir Abud

Marcel, in addition to being an entrepreneur who is a true technology leader, is one of the judges of the Startups Spiritthe first business reality show in Espírito Santo that airs on Saturdays on TV Vitória / Record TV at 2 pm, after the Balance Sheet. The CEO is the sixth and last of some of the entrepreneurs that have been profiled by this columnist, who doesn’t sleep on point.

The first was Rogério Salume, from Wine; then it was Francisco Carvalho’s turn, from Timenow; the third was Rodrigo Miranda, from Americanas Delivery; then it was Antonio Toledo, also from Timenow; in fifth place, Catia Horsts, from Rhopen and UseRH.

Photo: Vitor Carvalho

Ricardo Frizera (right) is the presenter of Espírito Startups

In practice, the sovereign wealth fund works like this: the startup presents its project, Marcel’s company analyzes the idea and, depending on it, releases the money in check, which can be either BRL 300,000, for example, or up to BRL 5. million or R$ 6 million. “It depends on the size, the progress, the projection… But the idea is to encompass a robust number of companies in these five years, without burning resources before that deadline”, he says.

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As he explains, in addition to the budget, companies will receive a kind of specialized mentoring that will help them manage their businesses. “What the entrepreneur would learn over a year or two, he will learn in a month or two. With a partner of ours in the project. It is a successful startup school”, he reiterates.

Once invested, these BRL 250 million can become up to BRL 750 million, which will return to the public coffers in up to another 5 years (that is, a decade from now). “We make the investment and buy stakes in the companies in the first five years. Then they have another five years for that money to come back, corrected and multiplied, according to the profit”, he adds.

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He continues: “It’s a huge win-win. You stimulate ventures, generate jobs, bring the college crowd to the market and allow startups to succeed.” The fund is the largest in the segment in Brazil and is also among the tops in the country, in terms of its originality.

“And it’s a small state. If compared to Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia… Espírito Santo is squeezed from large states, but it is at a level of actions and projects in the technology ecosystem that are much more advanced than we even imagine”, says he, who founded his first startup at the age of 25 (today he is 57).

Part of this capixaba success that draws the attention of Brazil is attributed by Marcel to publicity initiatives, such as the reality show on Rede Vitória.

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“The Startups Spirit shows that there is a new economy, there are young entrepreneurs in the technology sector. The guy looks and looks like something from Silicon Valley, Germany, Japan… No, they’re people from here, close, normal. The educational impact is super important to move society and allow society to understand that this is happening here, apart from the aspect of stimulating entrepreneurship”, he evaluates, ending.

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