Why NASA forbids its astronauts to masturbate in space

Recently, Smythe Mulikanengineer at NASA made a revelation that left many netizens curious. And for those who are wondering what it is, he explained that astronauts, especially men, cannot masturbate in space. Shall we understand why?

As detailed by the news portal FayerWayerall information was shared by Smythe in a podcast interview Team Cocoafter the presenter questioned him specifically about privacy moments.

Citing female astronauts at first, Mulikan said they could be accidentally affected by stray fluids, and even small amounts could result in pregnancy.

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During his conversation, the engineer further explained that this is due to the absence of gravity, which causes sperm to disperse through the air: “Three astronauts can be impregnated by the same man in the same session… the fluid finds its way”Smythe said.

Regarding the question that had repercussions, it arose after Conan O’Brien asked if the astronaut had ever taken any pornographic material into space and he directly said that “no, none of that”.

In any case, although the space agency’s position on masturbation, a study carried out by researchers at the Concordia University, at the Canadaemphasizes that understanding the dynamics of how sex would function in space is “essential for successful deep space missions and off-world settlement building”.


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