Will The Walking Dead have a movie? Understand the Franchise Confusion

The main surprise of The Walking Dead’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 was the announcement of a series that will mark the return of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) to the series’ universe. The confirmation of the attraction surprises for the following reason: in the farewell of the former protagonist, the producers revealed that the story of the policeman would continue in a trilogy of films for the cinema, which would mark the debut of the franchise on the big screen.

The announcement of a series about Rick and Michonne, then, put a flea behind the ears of the fans. Is The Walking Movie Trilogy Still Happening?

The simple and straightforward answer is no. AMC confirmed the “cancellation” of the idea in an official statement sent to journalists, the same in which it announced the production of the new series. Shortly after the reveal made at the event, Deadline journalist Justin Kroll gave more details about the change in strategy.

Second kroll, which covers the universe of The Walking Dead since the beginning of the series, the main reason for the change of route is due to an option made by the new representatives of AMC. In the executives’ view, it was better to explore this new chapter in their own house rather than sharing the profit with the distributors.

“According to sources involved with the production, the decision to go ahead with a miniseries is due to a regime change at AMC Networks, with the new leadership choosing to end this story on their network rather than in theaters. The idea of ​​putting Rick Grimes’ long-awaited story on their newly launched streaming service seemed like a better idea than seeing movie theaters take half the profits.”

Lincoln and Danai, in addition to starring, will also have a behind-the-scenes role. According to AMC, the two are actively involved in the story development of their characters and will be executive producers. The role of showrunner will fall to Scott M. Gimple, who coordinates the entire Walking Dead franchise.

Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira

Last scene of Rick and Michonne together on The Walking Dead

Disclosure / AMC

How will the miniseries be?

So far, Gimple has given very few details about the new attraction of The Walking Dead franchise. The boss just confirmed that the first season will have six episodes and will be shown exclusively on AMC+. As yet untitled, the series will continue Rick and Michonne’s journey and love story.

According to AMC’s official press release, the new series will feature an epic love story between two of the world’s transformed characters. “Separated by distance, by a power that cannot be stopped, and by the ghosts of who they were. Rick and Michonne are transported to another world built on a war against the dead. And, at the end of the day, a war against the living as well.”

“Can they find each other in a place and in a situation so unlike anything they’ve ever known? Will they be enemies? lovers? victims? Victorious? Without each other, are they alive? Or will they discover that they are also undead?” teases the synopsis.

“Rick and Michonne are two of my favorite characters, and Danai and Andy are two of my favorite people. Working with them remains a dream come true,” said Gimple, who would also write the planned Walking Dead trilogy with franchise creator Robert Kirkman. “The three of us, along with a fantastic team of TWD stars and incredible new voices, are creating an epic of insane love that is worth the long, long wait.”

To stay true to the events of the parent series, the spin-off will need to explain what happened to Rick after the cop was rescued by Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh). With her beloved missing for five years, Michonne left Alexandria’s group of survivors to try to find him.

The Rick and Michonne spin-off is just one of four planned to continue The Walking Dead franchise. The first will be the Tales of the Walking Dead anthology, but there’s also Isle of the Dead, starring Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), the as-yet-untitled spin-off series focused on fan favorite Daryl Dixon (Norman). Reedus).

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